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NORTHAMPTON SAINT 24 – London Wasps 6
Friday 28th September 2012
Report by Murray Felstead

Your 3 tourists + 1 girlfriend enjoyed a visit to Blenheim Palace and the Hook Norton Brewery on Friday followed by an appointment with Samu Manoa ( US Eagles & Ex Golden Gate ) the Northampton Saints lock forward, and Dave Pearson, World Cup and RFU Premiership Referee who was refereeing his last but one Premiership game before leaving his post as a full-time RFU referee to take up a Referee Coaching role for the "SIX NATIONS".

3 attachments were included -
Dylan Harley - Northampton Captain and England International poses with a shiner of a black eye received during the game.
Samu Manoa sporting the latest in headgear reminisces about missing the sun of California and "home cooking"
And the third one, which serves as our photo of the week.


We need a few more referees every upcoming weekend now:

Saturday, October 6
Three alumni games at Chico State - one ref so far

Sunday, October 7
All Blues - New York game needs ARs and a second-side ref. These are the last two national champions. Phil Akroyd will be the referee.

Friday-Saturday, October 12-13
Fiji Day Sevens on Mare Island in Vallejo

Saturday, Oct. 13
Stanford men's Sevens from 9 - 5
Three-team round-robin at UOP from 10 - 2

Saturday, Oct. 20
Donkeyfest in Ukiah
Men’s Slugfest at UC Santa Cruz

Sunday, Oct. 21
Stanford-Cal women's sevens - six games or so


Saturday, September 29
Fog 19 - MUDHENS 41 Referee: Giles Wilson
First, my apologies to both teams for mis-reading the email meaning that the game started late.

Fog hosted the Mudhens and played hard for the whole game, taking a lead in the first half at 14 - 12 but overall lacked the experience and rugby savvy of the Mudhens. The Mudhens were able to defend against overlaps and spoil chances created by the Fog, and then take their own chances with strong support.

First half ended 22 - 14 in the favour of the Mudhens and then a final of 41 - 19.

Seahawks 15 - EPA Lady Razorbacks 15 Referee: Sam Davis
I arrived at the field to find that we would be playing on grass part of a baseball diamond. No posts and it was a terrible field, one of the worst I have been on. Pot holes, gopher holes and a bog. Both teams wanted to play so we did 10-a-sides since Seahawks were short. It was a game of two halves as Seahawks scored two unanswered trys in the first half.

Second half Hawks scored another try on penalty the score 15 to 0. EPA continued to battle back a poorly marked field confused a lady hawk and EPA's first try was scored. The second try came on a breakaway run and the third in the last second of the game in the corner off a 5 meter scrum.

All in all a fun game.

AMAZONS 108 – West Bay Angels 12 Referee: Lee Salgado
I believe the phrase “box of chocolates” is appropriate for rugby games; you are not always sure what you are going to get. As I walked into the park where the game was to take place, I was informed the field had been double-booked and the game was rescheduled to 2:30ish instead of 2 depending when the current men’s game ended.

The Angels only had 10 players but still made the trip and borrowed players from the Amazons.

The score was a bit lopsided but both teams waged through the very hot afternoon and made a good game of it. I don’t think I have ever heard so many giggles from tacklees or so many smiles while players were running each other down, so it made the game very enjoyable.

McGeorge Law 38 – SIERRA COLLEGE 52 Ref: Ray Schwartz
Danny Nunn Park, Sacramento
ARs: Mark Godfrey, Alex Pal
Couldn't crack the ref ring at Aspen Ruggerfest. Now Back in Sac, was pleased to get the ask from the Ducks to ref this pre-season friendly.

Arrived at the Park to find the City double booked the pitch, the Amazons were hoping to play too. We got our match going just after 1pm, and the boys played (4) 20-minute periods. Both sides would bloody several rookies on this warm, still day. This turned out to be quite a match.

My first go with the new laws... crouch, touch, set. Frankly, I prefer it, but it was news to many players! McGeorge has some experienced and tough players, and were able to match the youth and skillset of the well-coached Sierra club. Both sides scored tries in each of the 4 periods, w/ McGeorge always scoring first.

But Sierra always looked more dangerous, and began to pull away, 19-5 after 20, 31-10 at the half. Some heat coming from the boys lead to a long whistle and a moment to cool off. The captains met before the 2nd half kickoff and hatchet was buried. No scalping on my watch.

McGeorge was able to put on sustained pressure and outscore the youth 22-7 in the third and when they scored first in the beginning of the 4th period the score was 38-37, and their conversion just missed. But they had no gas left and Sierra pulled away with a nice try from Chris Lujan who suffered a laceration on his forehead upon dotting down. Blew the whistle a few minutes early as clearly McGeorge had nothing left to give.

Lee Salgado was looking good handling the Amazons v. the West Bay Angels. I eventually made my way over to the swimming pool at McGeorge to join a proper rugby party, until security came to ask the attendees to quiet down. Law students studying.


The college sevens season is underway now, with tournaments up and down California the next month or so. St. Mary's hosted three teams in a tune-up, with everyone's B-sides filling out an eight-team bracket.

It was hot, about 95 degrees at the 2 PM peak. No wind except the Gaels running by as both of their entrants pretty much lit it up.

Pete Smith, George O'Neil, Bruce Ricard and Eric Rauscher got things going, with Ron DeCausemaker helping out on the line. Bruce Carter showed up to poach a quarter-final and the consolation match, which turned out to be the final run of the day as both St. Mary's sides made it through and elected to go do something else rather than chase each other in the oppressive heat.


The introductory rugby officiating course will be given in Fresno on Sunday, January 13. Sign up on-line at USARugby.org


Dave Pearson (centre) - famous for calling off the France v Ireland game just 5 minutes before the kick-off in front of 80,000 fans earlier this year, relaxes knowing he only has one game left to referee!

He is pictured with one of his Assistant Referees, Robin Goodliffe (left), James Hinkin, Rich Boyer and Jordan Bruno.


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