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…is the Eastern Penn society’s gain.

Jeff Richmond will be migrating to Wilkes-Barre, where we are told there are seven rugby clubs and no referees.

The Pelican Refs, filling needs from coast to coast! Best of luck and thank you, to Jeff and his family.


Saturday, Nov. 3
Mittry Memorial Tournament in Redding
At least two college games

Saturday, Nov. 10
California College Sevens Qualifier at Cal Poly-SLO Need two refs and ARs. This is a two-day event.
Two games at the Maritime Academy in Vallejo
College and Old Boys games

Sunday, Nov. 11
Women’s College Sevens Qualifier at Stanford. Need 4-5 refs.

Thursday, Nov. 15
Two games at the Maritime Academy, at 6:30 and 8.

Saturday, Nov. 17
NCRRS AGM at Golden Gate clubhouse on Treasure Island.


For those of us south of the Bay Area, the college seasons kick off with the men’s and women’s Slugfests, usually on consecutive weekends in October.

The men’s event is now in its third year commemorating Ben Quaye, who died after (not due to) a match in 2010.

Twelve teams played three games each on the two upper pitches. Normally we’re perched above the fog on the UCSC campus, but not this time: it was socked in all morning.

UC SANTA CRUZ 24 - Santa Clara 14 Referee: Bruce Carter
With visiting family in town from the east coast and only for the weekend, I needed to do two of the first games and then leave to do my fraternal duty.

This was a pretty good match. Teams now string phases together in the pre-season, and both of these had success doing so. Then a missed tackle occurs, or an unexpectedly fast player gets the ball, and off we go.

Each half the score was 12-7, so pretty evenly matched.

NEVADA 24 – San Jose State 7 Ref: Carter
The Spartans have a lot of athletic players but many seem to be new to the game. This requires some referee adjustments.

One memorable moment: a Wolfpack player was being penalized for being ‘not back any’ at a quickly-taken penalty. San Jose State’s coach was heard saying, “That should be a card!”

The ref started to explain that he was pretty sure the player was a novice but then noticed the coach trying to stifle a big smile and a laugh, the bait not having been taken.

I love this game.

But to ref two games on the trot, to come off the pitch with a well-earned sweat and that second wind we referees get when we see that our compatriots are gathered at the ref tent, and then to pick up one’s kit bag and leave well before noon – well, that’s not to love.

Report by Eric Rauscher:
So I ended up doing the first and last two games. The last one was very good, with Santa Cruz beating Sierra College to the delight of the crowd.

Sam Davis ended up doing the 3:15 game Fiji style. He didn't bring any kit since he didn't think he would be needed. I asked him if he would be willing to do it and he said "But I don't have a whistle." Out of my kit bag comes my spare whistle along with a score pad, pencil and flags. Since he was there to sell USA rugby kit, he said "But who will watch my table?"

I went over to ask one of the nice young ladies selling muffins and whatnot if she would be willing to supervise his table while he was doing the game. She said yes. Sam had very little wiggle-room at that point and did the game. I don't think the players would understand why doing it barefoot is Fiji style.

Report by Neil MacDonald:
Had a blast on Saturday. Great to get my first adult games under my belt, and encouraging to get positive feedback from coaches on both ends of a shellacking.

Sign me up for the Women's Slugfest next Saturday!

Match reports below.

USF 32 – San Jose State B 3 (HT 20-0) Referee: Neil MacDonald
USF ran in three tries, and converted one, in a first half which they brought to a close with a successful penalty kick. SJSU kicked a penalty over to open their account in the second half, before one of their number was yellow carded for a dangerous tackle. USF scored once more during their one man advantage, but missed the conversion. Another USF try with a successful conversion completed the scoring.

UCSD 41 – U. of San Francisco 6 (HT 26-3) Ref: MacDonald
Coming off their earlier win, USF opened the scoring with a penalty kick from in front of the posts, before UCSD's abrasive pack, led by their firebrand hooker, began to completely dominate the scrum. Off such front foot ball, UCSD scored four times in the first half, converting three of them. USF had no answer in the scrums, but kept their chins up and played positively with what ball they had. Repeating the pattern in the second half, USF scored first with a penalty kick, bringing the score to 26-6, before UCSD's physical and skilled running rugby ran in three tries, as the sun started to drop over the Pacific. If only UCSD had remembered to pack a kicking tee for the long drive north, they might have converted a few more...


Report by Bryant Byrnes:
Fun on the Farm on a lovely Sunday. Steve Valerio and I had the pleasure of working with the Stanford and Cal Women's Sevens. The format was alternating rookie/veteran matches from 2 until after 4. I believe we had a total of seven matches.

Good spirited, well played. Thanks to Stanford's coach Matt Sherman for getting the field and he and Cal's Ellen Owens for keeping the trains running on time.

Morning in Santa Cruz finds John Pohlman, Bruce Carter and Eric Rauscher ready to run.


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