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Our annual banquet is only three-and-a-half weeks away and the flock remains relatively small for what should be a feeding frenzy, with 23 having made their reservations.

We will congregate at Scott’s Seafood in Walnut Creek on Saturday, June 26, beginning at 6:30 PM. This year it will also double as the retirement party for Bryan Porter, who has stepped down from the National Panel of Evaluators.

Dinner is paid for by the Society for its members. Your guests and your drinks are on you. It’s a pelicious deal.

Please mark your calendars and let Bjorn Stumer know how many you’ll be bringing:


Just a few words in this abbreviated missive.

For those of us who moved to Northern California specifically because it’s where the best rugby is, Sunday at Rocca Field affirmed that we made a good decision.

The best team on the day might have been from New York City but the atmosphere at the SF/Golden Gate clubhouse and the crowd at the pitch demonstrated what hard work and commitment can do with a fringe sport over several decades.

It was a proud day for any rugger.

As curtain-raisers to the day, the SeƱors hosted the Faded Roses and then the SFGG U19 played an Idaho school.

SF/Golden Gate 7 - CAPITAL 32 Referee: Bruce Carter
ARs: Mike King, John Pohlman
Capital HS of Boise, Idaho, defeated an underclassmen side of SFGG, literally running away with the victory in the second half on the strength of long breaks by several players.

It was only the second game Capital had ever played with contested scrums, leading to some unusual questions for the referee such as this one by the halfback: "Do I have to put the ball in the middle or can I just give it to my guys?"

We are told that the Capital team lost to Lamorinda prior to this match, but that will have to remain a rumor given no confirmation on the Lamo website or any knowledge of who might have refereed it.


In NorCal:
Talisker Shield in Sunnyvale, a XV tournament
U17 and U19 All-Star Tournament at SFGG – two pitches, all day Saturday and Sunday, with teams from the four NorCal conferences, SoCal, Oregon and Hawaii

In Glendale, Colo:
Churchill Cup
USA Rugby Men’s D1, 2 and 3 final fours
The SFGG Colts will play for the D2 championship, among other teams

In Columbus, Ohio:
First-ever College Championship Invitational of Sevens. Sixteen teams over three days, with NBC televising on Saturday and Sunday. Cal is one of the competitors

From Buzz McClain:
Can you tell all your true believers that I'm doing a blog at NBC Sports and to take a look and leave comments -- it's only running, I fear, until the College 7s is over in June. If we get enough hits, who knows?
See it at

Video Review
George O’Neil gets dissected at a video review of one of his matches, while David Williamson can’t help smiling knowing there’s a camera around.

L-R: Pete Smith, David Williamson, Preston Gordon, George O’Neil, Tom Zanarini, Mike Gadoua


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