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Now there are two tournaments scheduled, both fifteen-a-side:

Talisker Shield in Sunnyvale – needs two or three refs – Saturday only

The Inaugural Treasure Island U-19 & U-17 Rugby Tournament for Boys & Girls will be played at Rocca Field and the GAA pitch across the street. This will feature select-side teams from the four NorCal conferences, Hawaii, SoCal and Oregon. We need five to ten referees on Saturday and five on Sunday.

So far we’ve got a total of three referees available, one of them visiting from New England.


See you at Rocca Field, 3 PM Sunday?

SF/Golden Gate will be hosting the New York Athletic Club for the Super League title. There are a couple of curtain-raisers that might need ARs.

This should be a game not to miss.


Want to go on a most-expenses paid tour to the very heart of Rugby Football, the East Midlands? Rugby School is on the itinerary. Rugby Heaven, too.

So far three Pelicans have expressed a desire. More are welcome to join in – we usually send five, and referee coaches/evaluators are certainly eligible.

Let us know if you are interested or would like a sales call.

Sacramento Amazons won the Girls’ U19 national championship by defeating West Carroll, Brookfield, and then Fallbrook, 32 – 10.

Fallbrook had defeated the Amazons just the week before at Rocca Field, 10 – 13. So, Fallbrook is the California champ while Amazons hold the USA title.

Jesuit defeated Fallbrook 16 – 7 but then lost in the semifinal to Gonzaga, 15 – 17.

Marin beat DARC 48 – 5 but then lost to OMBAC 0 – 37.

SF/Golden Gate advanced to the final four with victories over Colorado Springs, 31 – 12, and GOATS 38 – 19.

Santa Rosa defeated Old Aztecs 25 – 12 and then lost to Snake River in the quarterfinals on Sunday, 12 – 28.

Olympic Club defeated Kansas City Blues 35 – 7 and then lost to Las Vegas 16 – 31.

SF/Golden Gate advanced to the championship game, which they will host next Sunday, by defeating Life 20 – 14.


UCSC – alumnae Referee: Roberto Santiago
No report received.

UCSC 45 – Alumni 36 Referee: Stephen Moore

Nevada Old Boys – NorCal Old Boys Referee: Blake Crawley
No report received.

Señors 31 – FADED ROSES 41 Referee: John Coppinger
30 minute halves w/ constant negotiations mid-match as to whether scrums were contested or not and some grumbling about the relative youth of some of the Roses, but a good time.

Super League Semi-Final
SF/GOLDEN GATE 20 – Life 14 Referee: Paul Bretz
ARs: Charlie Haupt, Bruce Carter
Fourth Officials: Scott Wood, John Coppinger
Evaluator: Jim Russell

This was a nail-biter, a rematch of last year’s title tilt, and like last year’s game it was close until Gate scored two trys at the very end to win by more than one.

Two of SFGG’s threes tries came on set plays and only one from their more characteristic run-it-over-or-around-you style of play.

The only try in the first half came from a ruck about thirty meters out near the left touchline. Halfback and Captain Mose Timoteo, who had been giving instant service all day, suddenly straightened up from being crouched over the ball and took a step back. The defense seemed to pause: what was he thinking?

That’s when the prop without a number simply played halfback: he picked it up and took off unmarked, straight down the touchline, feeding fullback Jone Naqica to cover the last few meters and center the ball.

In the second half Life had the lead on the strength of an unconverted try and three penalties, 14 – 10, with a strong wind at their backs. There were seven minutes left in somebody’s season. That’s when Mile Pulu broke from inside his own 22 and set up Tevita Okusi for the go-ahead points, 15 – 14.

Later, when there were thirty seconds left, there was to be a lineout five meters from Life’s goal-line, the home team leading by one.

March 22, 2003; Balboa Park: SFGG hosting Belmont Shore and leading by two with four seconds remaining. Lineout on Belmont Shore’s five-meter line.

The referee was Zinzan (Ed Gardner); the TJ was someone with a good memory.

Belmont Shore won the lineout, attacked from their very near their own dead-ball line and scored in the left corner after a length-of-the-pitch run by Alex Hammill to win 31 – 28.

But today was different: Golden Gate’s first lineout pod crabbed away from the five-meter line, causing their matchers to follow. The ball was thrown to the first jumper, attracting the Life hooker’s attention and leaving the tramway open.

Chris Biller, having run a buttonhook pattern and throwing-in, received the ball back at pace and scored in the left corner.


The annual NCRRS end-of-season banquet will be held at Scott’s Seafood in Walnut Creek on Saturday, June 26, beginning at 6:30 PM. This year it will also double as the retirement party for Bryan Porter, who has stepped down from the National Panel of Evaluators.

Bryan was as founding member of this Panel and played a role in the development of every USA Referee from the initial group up to the present Panelists. NorCal refs have been very fortunate to benefit from his dedication and expertise over the past four decades, and we will continue to do so locally.

Please mark your calendars and let Bjorn Stumer know that you and yours will be attending:

Dinner will be paid for society members at our annual banquet. Drinks and dates are your treat.

New Pelican Crossing
Pelican Crossing: short for PEdestrian LIght CONtrolled crossing

This was taken in Hounslow, about two miles from Heathrow Airport and five miles from Twickenham.

Good to see that the Brits are getting ready for the tourists visit in September.

Do you have any dates for the tour? I might be able to get a hall pass and pop over to visit.

Pelicus Propus Celtus (Brian Gildea)


For the Senate
Pelicus Scriptoris