Tuesday, March 27, 2007




Please respond with your availability to referee and/or run touch April 14, 21, 28, May 4/5 and 11/12/13.

There are no more games outside Sacramento and the immediate Bay Area, so travel is not going to be a concern.


The season cycle shifted gears last week, old Sol crossing the equator on his annual journey north. As happens twice a year, everywhere on Earth the sun set at the same time it had risen, shining for exactly twelve hours in between. Everywhere the night is also twelve hours long, equal night in Latin being equinox.

Spring-like temperatures, of course, may either precede or trail this particular calendar date. In the sense of a nice, warm, breezy day when people might think about modifying their appearance by catching some rays, California can have springtime in any month of the year.

But nature has other indicators of spring than the sun’s position on the analemma or the temperature in certain blessed parts of the globe. Birds gotta fly, whales gotta swim, flowers gotta bloom – all of which allow for time-telling.

We can set our calendars to March 19 by the return of the swallows to San Juan Capistrano. We know if the whales are swimming left to right off the California coast, it’s springtime.

But when we woke up early Saturday morning and noticed little white and pink bits of blossoms in the gutter below the windshield, and saw trees looking like giant Q-Tips as we motored along the roads of Northern California, we knew when we were. Just the week before, the trees were bare, reticulated nothingness. But now: entire orchards look as though someone delusional but industrious thought they were Christmas trees and flocked them one and all. Thus are the signs of the first week of spring.


We did not have a referee for the Olympic Club – Hayward second-side match Saturday. This is on a weekend for which, two weeks ago, we had six referees ‘left over’.

These coming weekend playoffs start. Eight Division 3 teams will meet in Palo Alto to determine which two will advance to the Pacific Coast playoffs. All of the other divisions continue to play league matches. There will also be a girls’ high school end-of-season tournament in Davis lasting all day.

Please check Pelicanrefs.com mid-week and watch your e-mail to see where you are assigned, and whether anything changes.


From the NorCal High School Committee Minutes:

"Bob Benson moved that NorCal High School Rugby require that during varsity games all players wear a number on their jerseys. It was amended that it be a different number and be effective April 1, 2007. It was also amended that the referee is authorized not to start the game until numbered jerseys are present and on the players. If the jerseys are not available and in place in 30 minutes the game is forfeited by the team that does not have the numbered jerseys.

“It was seconded by Ray Thompson. The motion passed."

[Editor’s Note: Presumably the phrase, “…that it be a different number…” means that the players of a team may not all wear the same number.]

The NorCal high school playoffs begin on May 5. Thus, for the last four weeks of the regular season teams will need to have numbered jerseys.

This is a major step forward. Since referees began tracking repeated infringement about eight years ago, it has been unfair to a team wearing numbers if their opponents were not: the referee could more easily track, and sin bin, players from the team with numbers.

Let it be further revealed that your writer, in his refereeing career, has had little tolerance for less-than-rigorous numbering schemes. A typical conversation has gone this way:

Your Writer: “Captain, that’s two penalties on the ground against your number six.”

Captain: “We have two number sixes.”

YW: “That’s too bad; as far as I’m concerned, they’re the same guy.”


SF/Golden Gate 21 – SEAHAWKS 42 Referee: Joe Androvich
The Seahawks won their second game of the season.

Seconds: SFGG – Seahawks CANCELED

OLYMPIC CLUB 42 (5) – Hayward 38 (6) Referee: Aruna Ranaweera
At Steuber Family Rugby Field, Stanford
Referee Coach: Dave Williamson

The top-rated teams in the NorCal D1 league met on a Sunny 70F day at Stanford's rugby stadium. Hayward's backs (especially their NA4 center) were unstoppable early as they scored three quick tries in the first half. Olympic Club stayed within striking distance thanks to some accurate place kicks and they helped themselves to two tries of their own, one with no time left in the first half. Despite Hayward's aggressive offense, it was Olympic Club that took a 20-19 lead at the break.

The second half was a cat-and-mouse game with four lead changes: each time one team scored, the other would respond. Both teams played powerful rugby with the backs and forwards linking up for multiple phases. Hayward's loosehead prop and Olympic Club's left wing were prominent. With 12 minutes left, the score was 32-31 in Olympic Club's favor. The main difference between the teams in the last 10 minutes was discipline: Olympic Club stuck to their game plan, while Hayward started to lose focus. With 1 minute left, Olympic Club had pulled away 42-31, but Hayward scored one more try for a final score of 42-38.

In the end, there was precious little between these two talented teams, but Olympic Club deserved the hard-fought victory. Much thanks to Dave Williamson for providing coaching feedback.

Seconds: Olympic Club – Hayward No referee assigned

SAN MATEO 69 – Diablo Gaels 10 Referee: Tony Latu
Evaluator: Mike Malone

I finally arrived at San Mateo High after a three hour drive from Sacramento. I felt like Gilligan and the Skipper combined. Both teams were at the side line but San Mateo asked for a 1430(2:30) kick off. Diablo beat SM at their first encounter, but this time SM was ready. Their backs were too strong too fast for the young guys from Diablo. But these young guns did not give up. They tried to stay with these SM boys, but sometimes your best is too little or too small too late. Thanks to Mike Malone for being available and watch me on Saturday.

Seconds: SAN MATEO 46 over Diablo Gaels 25 Referee: John Coppinger
Assessor: Bryan Porter

80 minutes of 7s style attacking rugby played in good sprits.

Gaels tied the match 22-22 with about 11 minutes left, only to have San Mateo run in three quick tries.

The peanut gallery swelled for the 4:30 PM kickoff with the addition of Frank Merrill, Paul Bretz and Bruce Carter, all of whom had been at the St. Mary’s – Cal game. They greeted Tony and Mike, both of whom had to leave after the first-side match, and left Bryan Porter alone to concentrate on John’s game.

A memorable moment occurred when Mr. Bretz light-heartedly heckled Mr. Batten regarding his performance as a touch judge.

“Hey, Harry! Aren’t you supposed to be monitoring the conversion kick?”

“Just like you’re supposed to monitor the offside line!”

SACRAMENTO over Arroyo Grande by forfeit Referee: Jim Crenshaw
Arroyo Grande forfeited to Sacramento, but we played after Sac gave them a couple of players. It was 87 to 7.

SANTA ROSA 41 (6) – Fresno 31 (5) Referee: Mike Gadoua
Fresno started the match with quality play, putting Rosa on its heels during the first half. At half, Fresno was up 19 to 17. However, in the second half, the younger Rosa backs got their attack in gear and proved very effective in advancing the ball. Rosa scored 22 points in the second half to Fresno's 12.

Missing key players, such as Gregg Melton (recovering from surgery), Fresno was was not able to fully compete and appeared to be affected by a rash of unlucky ball handling. Regardless, the bang of the game was much closer than the score tells us. A Rugby statute reflects that all players are required to respect the authority of the referee; and even though it is not written, the referee must also demonstrate respect to the players in turn. One of the game's foundations toward the objective of the game remains unattainable if a referee fails to respect the players on the pitch.

VACAVILLE 42 – Humboldt 8 Referee: Sam Reagle
Vacaville stormed out of the gate scoring off the opening kick-off and again about a minute later. Then, about halfway thru the first half, they added a drop kick because they could.

Vacaville has a good combination of strength, speed and youth which in D3 can be formidable. Humboldt brought a pretty strong side with the occasional grayhair thrown in, but youth and exuberance prevailed today.

CHICO 50 – Shasta 15 Referee: Mark Kottke (SoCal)

EAST PALO ALTO 30 (6) – Stanislaus 15 (3) Referee: Giles Wilson
Played at 4.30pm at the SFGG field on TI due to field work happening in East Palo Alto; toll gate delays held up a couple of Stanislaus players (leave home earlier??) who joined proceedings when they arrived, replacing their stand ins.

Both teams came to play with hard driving the order of the day; but kicking boots had been left at home. EPA score 3 first half tries to one from Stanislaus. The second half produced more of the same, mostly hard driving play with big hits producing 3 more EPA tries. Late in the game Stanislaus reverted to a more basic game, quick rucks, good support allowing off-loading from the tackle to the support resulting in 2 tries (all unconverted) for a 30 – 15 final.

APTOS 22 (3) – Reno 7 Referee: Dave Pope
It was a perfect day for rugby, a cool day on the coast, but there was nothing cool about this game. It was as physical as they come.

From the opening whistle Reno and Aptos battled. For the most part the aggression was constructive, but at times tempers flared and three yellows were issued in the game. On the day Aptos was the better team, doing a better job of finishing their opportunities.

MISSION 93 – Marin 0 Referee: John Pohlman
As some teams prepare for the playoffs, others are playing their last games of the season. Rugby referees are some of the biggest fans of rugby. Most of us do it because we want the game to be the best it can be. And we want the players to have an environment where they can compete at their best.

I start with this because this has been a year for me where I have seen some great rugby, but many very lopsided games.

I looked over my score cards from this season and here are some of the scores 84-17, 65-9, 46-7, 85-12, 31-21 yeah, 36-5, 55-7, 13-10 double yeah, 16-3, 48-0, 69-0, 48-0, 54-7, 37-7, 78-5, 50-17 and now 93-0.
Yes some great rugby but we all want competitive games.

This last week I did the Mission Rugby Club versus the Marin Rugby Club. Mission is gearing up for a repeat run at the Division 3 national championship. Marin is finishing their season with class and true rugby sprit.

Marin started the game with thirteen players. Mission offered players, but due to needing lots of points to have the number 1 seed and the fact Marin has a classy group of players, the Marin team played most of the game with 13 players.

At half time Mission offered players again. Marin #9 Captain Dave Britton and coach Robb simply stated they respected Mission too much to forfeit or take their players.

Mission captain Ohio said it would be fine to call the game early. But when I asked Marin they said no, this is our last game of the season.

I wish the Mission team and players good luck and good health throughout the playoffs. They certainly looked ready.

But I want to thank the Marin players and coach for reminding me what the spirit of rugby is all about. Never give up, respect your opponent and honor the game.

Thanks guys.

Oh and Mission looked really good and won 93-0, despite ith two knock-ons in the in-goal.

Berkeley 13 – FOG 20 Referee: Rich Anderson
This was a very competitive, hard-played Division III match between two rivals who share the same pitch. After an early Berkeley burst, the match see-sawed back and forth with he Fog maintaining a slight edge. This edge held until the end, with the Fog winning 20-13.

St. Mary's 19 – CALIFORNIA 41 Referee: Paul Bretz
Touch Judges: Mike King, Bruce Carter
Fourth Official: Eric Rauscher

CHICO STATE 27 – Stanford 12 Referee: Scott Wood

Seconds: CHICO STATE 50 – Stanford 0 Referee: Mark Kottke (SoCal)
Referee Coach: Scott Wood

Sacramento State 24 – UC DAVIS 43 (7) Referee: Chris Parkhouse
This was a highly competitive game of end to end, attacking rugby, with both teams wanting to move the ball and attack at every opportunity. Davis was always dangerous from deep in their own half and scored two tries in the first half from breakaway moves following sustained Sac pressure. In the second half only one try separated the two teams, that were really well matched. Apart from one occasion when tempers flared this was a well contested, highly competitive and entertaining game of rugby.

Seconds: SACRAMENTO STATE 25 – UC Davis 24 Referee: Dylan Gill

SANTA ROSA JC 81 (13) – U of San Francisco 0 Referee: Cary Bertolone
Referee Coach: Jake Rubin
The game was held at For Pete's Sake rugby pitch in Santa Rosa-beautiful sunny day. Although the packs were evenly matched, the SRJC backs were superior to the USF backs, scoring tries aprox. every 5 minutes with the half time score 45-0 and the final score of 81-0 in favor of Santa Rosa. The try total for SRJC was 13 tries. Everyone, even USF, had a good time!

San Jose State 5 – CAL MARITIME ACADEMY 95 (15) Referee: Rob Hendrickson
Under warm sunny skies in San Jose, Cal Maritime used its speed to get the ball out to the wings to score most of its 15 tries against a SJ State team that never gave up but had problems dealing with Cal Maritime's superior experience and fitness.



Lamorinda frosh/soph 19 (3) – SKYLINE (Salt Lake City) 52 (8)
Referee: Rob Hendrickson
In a game of two separate halves on St Mary's new pitch on Friday afternoon, Lamo's frosh/soph team came out on top of Salt Lake's B side by a score of 19 - 7 in the first half, while Salt Lake's A side came in for the second half (to warm up for their game against Vacaville the next day before the Cal/St Mary’s game) and used their superior size and speed to score 7 tries in the second half.

Aptos 7 – PENINSULA GREEN 22 Referee: James Hinkin
Peninsula Green traveled to Aptos for a Friday night match up that was only a few minutes late. Aptos, aware of the difficulties on Hwy 1during rush hour had the light available so nobody was rushed. The game started out with PG kicking off and an immediate penalty against Aptos for holding on as the receiver was turned in the tackle. Although the penalty attempt was wide it signaled PG’s desire to contest every ball. A few minutes later turnover ball in the tackle gave PG a wide open weak side to counterattack on and they wasted no time with a try in the corner. Aptos woke up and started contesting PG’s ball and soon were rewarded with penalties of their own but failed to convert. A good, hard hitting match then ensued with the scoreline flattering PG a bit as the game was closer than it appears. Both sides had breakaways and chances but the final pass seemed to let down the boys from the beach. The main difference was the power of the PG scrum which led directly to a couple of tries as Aptos had trouble clearing their own line. Tempers started to boil over near the end and PG had to play 14 on 15 for the last 5 minutes due to a yellow card and Aptos took advantage to score well deserved a try at full time.

SANTA ROSA 38 (6) – Montgomery 12 (2) Referee: Mike King

Friday Night Lights: On familiar ground for their gridiron teams, Santa Rosa battled Montgomery under the lights at Cardinal Newman High. The event was very well attended for a high school rugby match by a substantial and vocal crowd. Hopefully, this is the wave of the future that was established in Sonoma County by these clubs and Elsie Allen Lobo Rugby, so that there is greater fan support leading to more widespread participation in the game.

The contest pitted a more experienced and polished Santa Rosa squad against a gritty and powerful Montgomery side. Both sides gave tremendous effort, with Santa Rosa capitalizing on Montgomery’s mistakes to score 4 converted tries in the first half. Not to be deterred however, Montgomery came back at the end of the half to power over for 5 points. The second stanza was a true tug-of-war, with the Santa Rosa backline continuing to mount some strong attacks that were continually stopped by Montgomery. The latter pounded away with its forwards to strike deep into Santa Rosa on several occasions. The final tally of 38-12 resounds of the fine effort put into this match by both sides.


Antioch 10 – LIVE OAK 29 Referee: Giles Wilson
Two teams struggling with injuries and rebuilding years came together for a lively game; warm at 1pm in the delta but manageable.

Delta started strongly but couldn’t manage a score. Having weathered the storm, LO came back to score 3 first half tries – none converted and the only item of interest was the attempt to introduce a specialist kicker for a conversion.

In the second half Antioch came back hard, driving with the ball in hand and pulling back 2 tries (neither converted) to come within 5 point. LO managed long breakouts from defense, resulting in 2 more tries which they converted. Antioch nearly scored a 3rd but stepped on the dead ball line while under pressure and attempting to center the try.

LOS ALTOS 17 – College Park 14 Referee: Joe Saccomanno
Los Altos dominated the first half with two converted tries to take a 14 to nil half time lead. College Park came back and scored its second converted try with 7 minutes left in the game. Either team was in a position to win. Los Altos took the lead with 4 minutes to go with a penalty kick. College Park had an opportunity to tie the game with 1 minute left with the option of taking the penalty kick or going for the win. They choose to the latter and didn't score. Good game over all.

TRI-VALLEY 56 – Alameda 0 Referee: Joe Saccomanno
The game was totally dominated by Tri Valley. They scored 5 tries and 3 conversions in the first half to lead 31 to 0. The second half was more of the same with 5 more tries.

JV: TRI-VALLEY 25 – Alameda 5 Referee: Joe Saccomanno

Varsity: LAMORINDA 31 – De La Salle 20 Referee: Bruce Carter
Touch Judges: Edward Barfels, Tony MacKenzie

Saturday mornings, the narrow byways of inland Contra Costa County must be shared with walkers, joggers, stroller-pushers, runners and bicyclists as you make your way from Highway 24 to Moraga.

At Miramonte High School, the parking lot must be shared with tennis players, swimmers, hoop-shooters and ruggers.

And once on the pitch, the Love of the Game can be shared with thirty keen youths and many knowledgeable spectators.

These two teams are having good seasons, aiming for the playoffs. They are close enough to be natural rivals, and those who continue playing in college will make teammates of their opponents and vice versa.

De La Salle fullback Tim Maupin, a football player, is a star. On the basis of where the referee was after he made a long run for a try, he is exactly twice as fast as a broken-down middle-aged man.

It is probably both more illustrative and more flattering to the player to say that he is faster than the other players who on were on the pitch with him.

De La Salle built a first-half lead that they could not maintain, as Lamorinda proved to be better at keeping possession and gaining ground in increments.

It is a real privilege to referee good high school teams in the second half of their seasons. They have scaled the learning curve nearly to the top.

After calling out ‘Ruck’ at the first two rucks, I noticed that they knew when it was a ruck and what to do. So I quit calling it out, except when the picture was painted in shades of gray. These two teams have been well-coached, better than some of the refs I’ve seen: they knew that a ruck meant:

- You have to take your hand off the ball (If you’re on your feet and have two hands on it, the referee won’t say ‘ruck’ – it’s your ball)
- If you are on the ground near the ball, you have to move out of the way of any opponents who might want to get at it
- You have to stay on your feet
- You have to get and stay behind the offside line

So they played the game at pace and with skill, and the better team on the day won.

Frosh/soph: LAMORINDA 29 De La Salle 20 Referee: Edward Barfels
Lamo scored 22 points in the first half with 4 tries and one conversion. DLS scored just one try/no conversion. For most of the second half, LAMO did not play their larger sophomores and DLS scored three tries (making the score 22-20). However for the last five minutes, the larger Lamo players returned and dominated the game, including scoring the final try in the 60th minute. Final score LAMO 29 - DLS 20.

JV: Lamorinda 10 – DE LA SALLE 26 Ref: Barfels
DLS scored first at about the 5 minute mark with a try/no conversion. Lamo took advantage of a DLS error on the ensuing kick-off and scored a try about one minute later (no conversion). DLS scored again and made the conversion to make the half-time score 12 to 5. DLS scored first in the second half; try/ with conversion. Lamo fought hard and scored a try mid-way thru the half/no conversion. DLS made a final try/with conversion to make the score DLS 26 – Lamo 10.

Many thanks to both sides for two good games.

SF/GOLDEN GATE JV 29 (5) – Berkeley Rhinos 5 (1) Referee: Larry Freitas

SF/GOLDEN GATE Varsity 41 (6) – Hayward 22 (4) Ref: Freitas
After only being up 17-12 at half & having Hayward knot the score to open the second half, and a flurry of tries by both teams, SFGG had more gas at the end with 2 deciding tries as time expired.


APTOS 25 – College Park 0 Referee: Larry Freitas
At the Aptos High School football field, named after Trent Dilfer, Aptos Under 19s defeated College Park by a score of 30 to 0 on March 26th in a night game, played between rain squalls. The condition of the field: more dirt than grass after the football and soccer seasons, and a narrow pitch which, in my opinion, only pinned in the Aptos backs at various times in the game. Aptos has a tremendous backline, with one player from nearby Monte Vista Christian who is currently being recruited to play football at San Jose State and rugby and football by Cal; and another who actually is a Bellarmine student who lives in Aptos but not playing for College Park, who just got accepted to UC San Diego. These two have a lot of potential.

An 8-0 lead from an unconverted try and a penalty kick at halftime ballooned to twenty-five points in the second half, as College Park could not stop the forward thrusts of Aptos. Time and again Aptos blew College Park players off rucks, got the ball out to the backline, and when they took a more direct route, those backs got the ball within reach of the goal line. Mid-way through the half College Park had their best scoring opportunity, when they ran a penalty from five metres out, and several times in a row Aptos players were caught having not retreated to the goal line in making tackles on College Park's quick taps. A warning to Aptos that another infringement would mean a penalty try or sending off settled down play. One more planned move failed as the College Park right wing knocked on in a tackle near the goal, and Aptos recovered. Aptos looks good going into the high school playoff round.


Match Report: THU 22 Mar 2007, 1845

International HS Girls Friendly Scrimmage: East Bay (2) 12 vs. Surrey Eagles (2) 12 Referee: Bruce Bernstein
Venue: Willie Stargell Field, Encinal HS, Alameda
Weather: Warm evening
Comments: The pitch was hard

Bruce kindly crossed the Bay to ref his 1st international match. Three twenty minute periods afforded plenty of playing time for the 28 strong East Bay Squad (Alameda & Berkeley)

Point spread: East Bay - 2 tries, 1 conversion goal; Surrey Eagles - 2 tries, 1 conversion goal

Match Report: SAT 24 Mar 2007, 0810

International HS Girls Friendly Scrimmage: Fortuna HS Husky (4) 24 vs. Earl Marriott Secondary School (4) 24 Referee: Paul Berman
Venue: Fortuna HS, Fortuna, Humboldt County
Weather: Bright & warm
Comments: Congratulations are in order to Tina & Siana Watts & their wonderful father Bill, who have put this wonderful new programme together. They hosted/billeted 3 teams in their school gym on the Friday night before the game & entertained & fed us thrice.

This was their inaugural home game & their pitch is already the finest in our league. You played a fine game of rugby.

Thank you for inviting Alameda & thank you for inviting me to start the whistle chirping.

Point spread: Huskies - 4 tries, 2 conversion goals; Earl Marriott - 4 tries, 2 conversion goals

Match Report: SAT 24 Mar 2007, 0958

Nor Cal HS Girls Friendly Scrimmage: Fortuna HS Husky (1) 5 vs. Alameda Riptide (5) 29 Referee: Paul Berman
Venue: Fortuna HS, Fortuna, Humboldt County
Weather: Bright & sunny
Comments: The crowd & the players were willing & the play was intense. Fortuna took this game to Riptide utilising their superb No. 8 Sarah Towne & inside centre Jasmin Cervantes, who never gave up nor gave in. They forced Alameda to work for their win, all the way to the final whistle.

A wonderful time was had by all.

Point spread: Huskies - 1 try; Riptide - 5 try, 2 conversion goals

Match Report: SAT 24 Mar 2007, 1030

International HS Girls Friendly Scrimmage: Alameda Riptide (4) 22 vs. Earl Marriott Secondary School (1) 7 Referee: Adam Pinkerton
Venue: Fortuna HS, Fortuna, Humboldt County
Weather: Bright & sunny
Comments: Again a hard fought match, played with a dash of pride

Mr. Pinkerton will make an excellent Pelican, if he should ever seek the calling.

Point spread: Riptide - 4 tries, 1 conversion goal; Earl Marriott - 1 try, 1 conversion goal

Match Report: SAT 24 Mar 2007, 1400

Friendly Scrimmage: Humboldt State vs. SFGG U19 Referee: Paul Berman
Venue: Excellent!
Weather: Bright & sunny


I had a nice chat with Humboldt's Captain Jacob Nelson & Coach Renaldo Arroto before turning round & heading for home.


Piedmont U-19, 20 – HAYWARD U-19, 46 Referee: Joe Saccomanno
On a early starter, Saturday morning 9 am at Mills College, Piedmont was there at 8am warming up and as usual Hayward started rolling in around 8.45. The game started at 9.15.

The first half was a very even game. Hayward scored three unconverted tries while Piedmont roared back with two unconverted tries of their own. Half time score was 15 to 10.

The second half was tight up till the last 10 minutes when tackling and ball handling errors gave Hayward three quick ending tries. Hayward score 5 tries and three conversions while Piedmont scored two unconverted tries in the second half.

On an ironic note, Hayward had two run away tries which were not awarded because the ball was not properly grounded in goal. The spectators were not happy about this.

SF Fog 6 – MARIN REDS 22 (3) Referees: Paul Berman (1st half), David Valentine VIRRS (2nd half)
Touch Judge: Paul Berman (2nd half)
Referee Coach: Tom Martinez
Venue: Job Corp. Field, Treasure Island, SF
Weather: Bright & cool.
Comments: The pitch was firm & clearly lined, roped, flagged & goal posts padded.

Unfortunately there was some confusion about kick-off time. The Fog had expected an early 11am start though most graciously allowed the NorCal HS Girls' Bay Round-Robin League matches to finish before they took to the pitch.

This was a tough competitive match with Marin propelled forward by their heavier, experienced & aggressive pack. The Reds struggled a little at the line-out with the lighter agile Fog forwards taking their fair share of ball. Tackling was fierce with both teams attempted to run their backs. Marin's quick scrum-half & full-back were constantly bringing the ball back to their forwards to recycle. The Fog through their centers made some impressive breaks only to be denied short of the try line.

A match played in good spirit on St. Patrick's Day.

Point spread: Fog – 2 penalty goals; Reds - 3 tries, 2 conversion goals; 1 penalty goal

Nor Cal HS Girl's League: Berkeley Yellow Jackets 0 – Alameda Riptide 44 (8)
Referee: Debra Hart
Venue: Job Corp. Field, Treasure Island, SF.
Weather: Bright & cold
Comments: This Bay Round-Robin Alameda, Berkeley & Santa Rosa saw the final 2 Nor Cal league matches of the season for each squad, played at the epicenter of Bay Area Rugby.

Point spread (Unofficial): Riptide - 8 tries, 2 conversion goals

Nor Cal HS Girl's League: Santa Rosa Lobos 7 – Alameda Riptide 7 Referee: Michael Gadoua
Venue: Job Corp. Field, Treasure Island, SF.
Weather: Bright & cold

Point spread (Unofficial): Lobos - 1 try, 1 conversion goal; Riptide - 1 try, 1 conversion goal


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