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In news of interest to all who referee amateur sport, a Reno player has been given a five-week suspension for grabbing a referee while disputing a try on January 27.

This could have merited a year or more, even a lifetime ban. There were mitigating factors: the player realized the gravity of his transgression immediately, desisted, and apologized to the referee as soon as the game was over.

Let this be a reminder to all of several things:

It is a felony in California to assault an amateur sports official in the course of a game or its aftermath.

Referees do not have to tolerate abuse and should never feel threatened while pursuing their avocation.

The Disciplinary Committee of the NCRFU, and the NCRRS, strongly supports our match officials.

Teams should strictly police the behavior of their members.

And one more thing: as a match official, you do not recommend punishment. You report red and yellow cards and other disciplinary problems related to teams or team officials and spectators. You are the judge of fact and of Law, not of disciplinary actions that ensue after the end of the match.

This should be to your everlasting relief: when you are inevitably approached by partisans after a game to find out ‘what is going to happen’ to a miscreant, you can sincerely say that beyond the fact that a red card will draw an automatic two-game or fifteen game suspension, you do not know what will happen.

You are ‘only’ a witness. You no more determine the outcome of disciplinary proceedings than a witness to a crime passes sentence at trial.


We will be meeting Wednesday, February 7, from 7 to 9 PM at the Golden Gate clubhouse on Treasure Island. Food will be available beginning at 6 PM, while the Referee Development Committee is meeting.


This major event took place on five pitches Saturday.

No reports have been received.


SF/Golden Gate U23, 27 (5) – LAMORINDA U23, 43 (6) Referee: Lois Bukowski
Venue: Rocca Field, Treasure Island, SF
Field conditions: awesome
Weather: sunny, light breeze, 60s

It's February and the Bay Areas rugby fields are in amazing shape. We're in need of some rain; soften these pitches up a bit. So, while the globe continues to warm, we do benefit from not having a lot of reschedules or cancellations.

Kickoff at 11am with perfect conditions. It took the boys a little while to get settled in and decide to play rugby; too many penalties, not enough listening to the ref's instructions and plenty of scrums. But, finally, with 16 minutes gone in the first half, the Gaels were first on the board with a beautiful sideline break by their fullback after a series of phase play at the midway point. They put another one on the board with a pounding series of rucks and scored of an offside advantage almost between the posts. SFGG answered just 4 minutes later with their forward doing the dirty work and their perseverance was rewarded. We went into half at 17-5 Gaels.

The second half was a much different match. Both sides were game and wanted to run. SFGG made it an even more interesting game early by being first to score with just 2 minutes gone. The FH nicely anticipated a Gael pass, picked it off, then quickly dished it to the outside, one long break later and the lead was just 17-12. It took a little over 10 minutes later for the Gaels to answer. After a kick down and a nice break, they sent it out to the centers and with a nice crash, he was over for a 24-17 lead. SFGG had an answer, and so it went with back and forth tries until 4 minutes to go with the score at 29-27 Gaels. That was as close as SFGG would get as the Gaels finished them off with 2 more converted tries to seal the victory.

Overall, this was a good game of rugby. Once the players settled down, maintained some discipline and played, all were enjoying themselves. It bodes well for the state of rugby here that 2 U-23 programs exist, with a supportive coaching staff and are playing some good rugby.

Hayward 0 – SF/GOLDEN GATE 11 (1) Referee: Sam Reagle
Evaluator: Dixon Smith
Conditions: Perfect

It's kind of hard to describe this game. Both teams play a physical style with lots of rucking and mauling followed by strong runs by their respective back lines. However, neither team was that successful in finishing their attacks either because of outrunning their support or because of great tackling near the goal line. Several attacks by each team were "held up at goal" and then repelled after the scrum.

SF/GG got on the board first with a penalty kick at the 17 minute mark. They followed that with the only try of the game about 8 minutes later. It remained scoreless for the next 15 minutes to go into halftime 8-0. You could feel that this was anybody's game as both teams were capable of scoring quickly given any kind of letdown by the other side, but it never happened. Hayward gave up another penalty kick 10 minutes into the second half and that was it for the scoring, but not for the excitement. This was an intense game the entire 80 minutes.

My thanks to Dixon Smith for his efforts on my behalf.

Seconds: HAYWARD 44 (8) – SF/Golden Gate 16 (1) Referee: Giles Wilson
SFGG struggled to fill a side; but with Grant Wells making an appearance at fullback and a few others pressed into action, we still had to go with uncontested scrums throughout due to a lack of props.

A fairly even first half with Hayward’s tries being matched by SFGG penalties and a try – Hayward 15 – SFGG 13 at the half. Hayward’s athleticism and depth told a story in the second half with SFGG tallying a penalty – despite quite a lot of pressure on the Hayward line – too often a mistake led to a long Hayward breakaway for 5 tries.

OLYMPIC CLUB 53 (8) – Seahawks 12 (2) Referee: David Pope
On a beautiful Saturday in San Francisco, O Club were too strong for the Seahawks. After an opening kickoff by O Club that did not go 10, the Seahawks had the put in to the scrum. An immediate drive came from the O Club pack, who stole the ball, and the O Club backs scored in the corner less than a minute into the game. From here the first half was actually a very even affair, with each team scoring one more unconverted try. From San Jose's perspective this was fairly impressive since they played 8 minutes with two players in the bin and did not give up a point.

The second half was all O Club, who scored six tries, five converted, and one penalty. The Seahawks added one converted try.

Seconds: OLYMPIC CLUB 64 – Seahawks 8 Referee: Pete Smith
San Jose kept it close for a while, but SJ had a handful of players double up and they just tired out as the game went on. The most notable thing about the game was OC’s tight head prop. This kid, he is 22 and just graduated from Harvard where he played football, is quite the athlete. He was playing in only his second game and from a referee perspective; he looked like it was his second season. Consider he is being coached by one of the US’s best props ever in Ray Lehner as well as Tom Billups. He wants to play in Australia at the end of the US season. My guess is he hits the Eagle pool by the age of 25. Look out for this kid; he may well be the next big thing.

SAN MATEO 45 (5) – Sacramento Lions 23 (3) Referee: Tim Luscombe (ERRRS)
Video Coach: Bruce Carter
San Mateo (45) Sacramento (23)

Firstly, thank you to Pete for giving up the game.

San Mateo and Sacramento played a closely contested first half with neither team taking a clear lead. While Sacramento seemed to get the better of the early exchanges and drew first score with a penalty, it was San Mateo’s driving maul that was rewarded with a try. While Sacramento could not find much penetration from their driving maul, it was a poor clearance from a San Mateo defensive lineout that gifted Sacramento a deserved try for all the forward graft. Soon it was time for Sacramento’s backs to show that they too could play with a quickly taken penalty on their own 1m line, spreading the ball wide for a few passes before a series of soccer skills along the touchline produced a fine try in the far corner. San Mateo did not drop however and another try brought them with 3 at half time.

The second half was more one sided with San Mateo’s fitness proving to be the deciding factor. Three tries to one left the game in no doubt including a 60m blindside move from a kick off that left Sacramento stranded. Final score of 45 to 23 doesn’t do justice after Sacramento’s first half performance but San Mateo’s superior fitness ensured a comfortable victory.

Once again, thanks for the game and hospitality I always receive in NorCal. See you at the 7s!

Seconds: SAN MATEO 35 (5) – Sacramento Lions 24 (3) Referee: Bruce Carter
A good crowd remained at San Mateo High School after such an entertaining first side match, encouraged no doubt by weather that made spectating downright pleasant. There was no wind, with hazy sun and temperatures in the sixties.

Much as in the first game, Sacramento had the early run of play and led at the half, only to have San Mateo put several tries close together in the second for the victory.

SANTA ROSA 52 – Arroyo Grande 5 Referee: Chris Parkhouse/John Tomasin/Preston Gordon (Switzerland)
Referee Coach: Mike Malone

Report by Mike Malone:
Chris was unfortunate to have pulled a calf muscle only seven minutes into his match yesterday afternoon. He hobbled along for another ten minutes while I found a suitable replacement for him, John Tomasin. Preston Gordon, assigned for the second side match, arrived shortly thereafter and he spelled John at half time, going in for the remainder of the game.

Old Boys match Referee: Preston Gordon (Switzerland)
Not sure what happened here. A bunch of guys played a short game and our visitor was kind enough to officiate.

Fresno 22 – BARACUS 31 Referee: Paul Bretz
BA Baracus played Fresno and won 31-22. BA played more as a team than did Fresno. BA led from the fourth minute out. Fresno came on strong in the last 15 minutes of the match to bring the score close but in the end it was all BA.

One of the more entertaining moments of the match came when Pete Jacoby, a fellow team member with San Jose in the late 90's, saw space and kicked ahead. The race was on between Pete and # 8 for Fresno Dan Wilson from about 50 meters out. The ball managed to roll into goal and was grounded by Pete 2 meters from the dead ball line.

Dan recently took the law exam and refereed the B side game. He did a fine job and will make a fine edition to the refereeing flock

Seconds: Fresno – Baracus Referee: Dan Wilson
No report received.

HUMBOLDT OLD GROWTH 49 (8) – Mendocino 0 Referee: Jim Crenshaw
Took the old jalopy out for the short jaunt up to Humboldt on Saturday to referee the Humboldt Old Growth playing the Mendocino Steam Donkeys.

The Old Growth scored 3 tries (2 converted) and a penalty kick in the first half to lead at halftime 22 to 0.

The second half was all Old Growth, scoring 5 tries, but converting only one. Final score Humboldt Old Growth 49 Mendocino Steam Donkeys 0.

Shasta 5 – CHICO 71 (11) Referee: Bryant Byrnes
Unseasonably warm, wonderfully pleasant in our Shasta outpost. Not a close game (obviously), but always contested. The packs matched up, but not the backlines. Chico showed why it is undefeated, but Redding is improving-younger players and better numbers.

As always, the hospitality was splendid. Newer refs who have not ridden the circuit to some of our more distant postings should do it. It is the same game with the same variations of skill and competitiveness. But the hosting and appreciation is of a level usually above and beyond.

Stanislaus 26 – EAST PALO ALTO 33 Referee: Chris Busch

RENO 46 (5) – Aptos 7 (1) Referee: John Pohlman
Touch Judges Bruce Anderson & Eric Amos/Kevin Miske

After six days of skiing, two Heavenly, two Kirkwood, one Alpine Meadows and one at Homewood, it was time to change boots and head for Reno.

Reno was hosting Aptos in a division three match. Both teams have been playing well and trying to get into good position to make the playoffs.

The game was being played at the Governor's Bowl. Reno has just got the OK from the city to make this their home field. This will allow them to take down the fences, which will make it a regulation field, water the field and hopefully remove the duck poop.

The game started with a fury. Both teams making big hits. Reno's #12 Hifongia Moala broke numerous tackles for the first try at the 7 minute mark. Twenty minutes later he followed with his second try of the game. Reno fullback Greg Walker finished off a seventy meter try at the end of the first half. Reno 17 Aptos 0.

The first half was very close and competitive. The hard running of Hifongia was the main difference.

The hard shots and warm weather were taking there toll on the players. One of Aptos's flankers was concussed making a hard tackle.

Between the injuries and heat Aptos started to fade. They missed a couple of tackles and Reno was off and running.

Reno scored 5 trys in the second half to Aptos's one.

Former Seahawk friend Eric Amos is helping coach Aptos and was forced onto the field at wing due to an injury. When I first starting playing rugby with the Seahawks Eric was playing first side hooker. I saw him separate a player’s shoulder with his power step at the Golden Gate fields.
I mention this because the lone Aptos try was set up with one of the power steps.
Both teams played hard, clean rugby.

Marin 0 – MISSION 70 (12) Referee: Dylan Gill
Referee Coach: Jake Rubin
This was a more contested match than the score would suggest. Both sides played some enterprising rugby. The weather was perfect for rugby and the pitch held up nicely.

Fog 7 (1) – BERKELEY 12 Referee: Keith Hodgkins (Bermuda)
Assessor: Bryan Porter

Generally the game was a well contested match with both defenses playing very well. The Fog seemed to adapt to my referring style the quickest and for the first half were able to but a lot of pressure on the Berkeley scrum half(especially when he was putting his hands on the ball and then waiting to pass). On the other hand Berkeley were coming around the fringes a little prematurely and were blown for offside on numerous occasions.

Both teams were very slow to release the ball carrier and definitely didn’t like to roll away; they both got penalized for these offenses. There were also occasions when the ball carrier was playing the ball or trying to hold on. Nothing unusual, just a typical rugby game.

I got the impression that the Berkeley team had been coached to push the laws to the limit and were penalized more often than the Fog. The atmosphere was competitive but not dirty and I found that I did not have to deal with any nasty play. There were a couple of boots that were “attempting” to “ruck” (i.e., rake), but I was quick to pull that player aside and tell them that I would deal with the players killing the ball.

Both backlines played some good passing and running rugby with a couple of forward passes or dropped balls negating certain tries. There was a good deal of hard running forward play and good competition at the breakdown. Both teams had scored a try a piece and the score was tied until late in the second half. At this point Ben Whiskey, the Berkeley coach entered the game. His presence on the field definitely made a difference. From the number 8 position he picked from the back of the scrum and drove forward on numerous occasions. From one of these plays he passed out wide and looped around the outside. From 5 yards out he dove and stretched out his 300+lb body in the air and was able to place the ball down and score the winning try before being tackled into touch. (Can you guess who bought me a beer and gave me a lift back to the hotel?)

The second game was a one sided affair with Berkeley winning by 5 tries to 0. I was very impressed with the “Fog” women that played full contact against the men. I was even more surprised to see the woman prop and second row go full contested in the scrums. At one point a brand new second row was put into the scrum at which point I went to U19 laws. I would suggest that the clubs be a bit more careful when putting players in the tight 5 that are not experienced.

That’s all I have.

Seconds: Fog 0 – BERKELEY 32 Ref: Hodgkins
Report from Jeremy Young (Berkeley RFC):
Not sure if Keith sent in a score, it was 12-7 to Berkeley. He stayed on and did a full B side match as well (32-0 Berkeley) and even offered his services for the boat race at the social (Berkeley by a glass). Great guy, and a great day of rugby, both sides looked sharp. Apparently Keith has offered to host our whole team if we go to Bermuda for a tour, so perhaps we'll be seeing him again...

Stanford 0 – ST. MARY’S 40 (6) Referee: Joe Leisek
Steuber Family Rugby Field, Stanford University

St. Mary's continued to prove their mettle as a high-quality side, with great turnover possession and very quick use of the ball. Captained by standout flanker Josh Merliner, St. Mary's was just too fast and strong--on offense and defense--for the hosts. Flyhalf Volney Rouse's explosive speed and decision-making really accelerated the pace at which the Gaels played. Center Kevin Swiryn and fullback Patrick Follett kept the fast pace going, often gaining large amounts of territory. Swiryn scored two of his team's six tries. To their credit, the hosts played with commitment, but could not convert their opportunities against the visitors' outstanding defense.

Seconds: Stanford 29 (5) – ST. MARY’S 32 (6) Referee: Bjorn Stumer
Touch Judge: Joe Leisek
Referee Coach: Tom Martinez

This was a fine hard-fought match between two fit and capable sides, played at the pristine Stanford rugby pitch. At the first half, Stanford had trouble containing St. Mary's repeated assaults, and only scored seven points to St. Mary's 17 by the time the half time whistle went off.

The second half saw both teams settle in and Stanford found that extra gear that was missing in the first part of the match. The hosts fought back hard, and matched all that St. Mary sent their way. By the end they had climbed to 29 points to St. Mary's 32, and provided a suspenseful finale to the day. In the last few minutes they had a penalty in their opponents' 22 - an unconverted try would have done the trick, but St. Mary's defense was just too good and this was not to be. Final score Stanford 29 - St. Mary's 32. A fantastic match with lots of running and aggressive tackling. St. Mary's can walk away with the victory, but Stanford can stand tall for their determined display. Thanks to Tom Martinez, who had been there since early morning, for assessing my match, and to Joe Leisek for staying after his game to help me at touch.

Chico State 20 (2) – CALIFORNIA 71 (11) Referee: Scott Wood
Evaluator: Matt Eason
Location: Chico State University
Weather: Sunny and warm (noon-53F, 1PM-57F)
Pitch: Solid turf, good lines, needs 14 new flag posts

Both teams played hard and fast rugby. Nine Cal players scored tries in a match were the halftime score was 45-3. The scoring slowed down in the second half as Chico kept up pressure at the breakdowns and in general play. Chico's two tries were scored by #12 Mike Junk as he was able to split the Cal backs from ten meters out.

Seconds: Chico State 7 – 102 California Referee: Joe Androvich
No report received.

UC Davis 17 – Sacramento State 17 Referee: Don Hattrup (ERRRS)
No report received.

Seconds: UC DAVIS 17 (3) – Sacramento State 15 (3) Referee: Paul Berman
Weather: Sunny and clear, wonderful for this time of year.
Comments: Pitch firm under foot.

This conductor took up the baton from UC's able principle coach 15 minutes into the action, with the "Farm School" up 7-5. I had been otherwise disposed elsewhere in the idyllic, wee metropolis that is Davis. They say the most bicycled city in the nation, the Netherlands of North America, with its distinctive fire engine red, London Roadmaster, double-decker omnibuses.

The lead changed hands 5 times during the course of this swift of foot local derby. A nail biter to the finish line, with the Aggies scoring a try in the final minute to pip Sacramento at the post.

The score at the half was 7-10 in favour of the visitors from our State Capital.

A match played in excellent competitive spirit by two trim and athletic squads. A real humdinger! What a superb privilege to ref!

San Jose State 0 – SANTA CLARA 56 (7) Referee: Sandy Robertson
Santa Clara came out hard and fast, scoring 3 converted tries in the first 15 minutes. They dominated possession and had a 44-0 lead at the half. In the 2nd half San Jose's resolve seemed to stiffen, Santa Clara managed only 2 tries, and the game ended with San Jose attacking furiously close to Santa Clara's try line, when a knock-on ended the match.

CALIFORNIA MARITIME 26 (4) – Alumni 12 (2) Referee: Mike King
Both sides showed up ready to play at the 3:00 p.m kickoff. The senior side was outnumbered and showed their years at times. What they were missing in speed or fitness they made up in cunning and chicanery (and a few well placed boots). The first half was dominated by the students who played with skill and precision. Only a few dropped balls slowed the scoring to 14-0 at the break. The Alumni were undaunted, and with few subs, played even in the second stanza. They ran hard with better tackling to thwart the students' attack. Possession was more even in the second half, with an appreciative and vocal crowd egging on mostly the Alumni. Well played by all. Final: 26-12 to the Students.

UC SANTA CRUZ 60 (6) – U of San Francisco 3 Referee: Rob Hendrickson
The slugs put on an impressive offensive show on their scenic lower pitch to defeat USF in nearly perfect rugby weather, scoring 6 tries in the first half and 3 in the second as against USF's second half drop goal. Both teams used their kicking game effectively to relieve pressure, while the slugs were also able to exploit weaknesses in USF's backfield to advance the ball offensively.

CHICO STATE women 29 – California 0 Referee: Joe Androvich
No report received.

Sac State women – CALIFORNIA seconds Referee: Dan Lacko
We’ve heard in a roundabout way that a combined Cal/Chico seconds beat Sac State in a friendly.

UC DAVIS women 43 (7) – Nevada 0 Referee: Mike Gadoua
Under blue skies, the Davis team proved extremely efficient with home field advantage. The aggressive play of the Davis team kept the Reno players on their heels, especially when it came to picking up the ball when it was available. Reno, however, demonstrated an exceptional talent in wrapping up their opponents in open play, causing a turn over when Davis could not recycle the ball from a maul.

Waiting for a scrum to form, I told the teams to hold up, “I’m waiting for a hooker.” A Nevada flanker said “Aren’t we all?”

San Jose State women 14 (2) – UC SANTA CRUZ 39 (7) Referee: Chris Fisher
UC Santa Cruz beat San Jose State. It would have been more except for good defense by the Spartans: three tries were held up over the goal line.

Santa Clara women 15 – ST. MARY’S 91 Referee: Deb Hart
Santa Clara Women vs St. Mary's Women: St. Mary's by Forfeit
Friendly 10s were played.

Although Santa Clara did not have the numbers to play an official league match and forfeited to St. Mary's, they were eager to play and ended up playing four 20 minute periods of 10 a sides. St. Mary's came out fired up and scored in the first minute, followed by four other tries in the first period.

In the second period Santa Clara made their way into St. Mary's territory and scored twice but St. Mary's scored twice also. The third and fourth periods were similar with St. Mary's making many tries by their speedy wings. The final score was St. Mary's 91 to Santa Clara 15.

This was a fun match to referee as the players were eager to play, many of whom had never played before. The players were well disciplined and I was impressed by the good tackling. It was a good rugby day!

Chico State 3 – CALIFORNIA 66 (11) Referee: Don Pattalock
Evaluator: Matt Eason
Venue: CSUC IM Fields

Two well-disciplined teams played with fire and pace for 80 minutes. The depth of the Cal program is always their strength in back-to-back games.

Cal held the majority of the possession and worked several great tries through accurate passing and clean running lines. Chico, despite all their battling had very little time inside Cal’s 22. Chico did have several long breakaways into Cal’s defense but were unable to finish.

I thoroughly enjoyed the match with both sides responding well to voice commands at the tackle and a wide open match was the result. Big thanks to Matt for traveling back up to Chico for the match and the post game discussions.


Nor Cal Women's Friendly: UC DAVIS 2ndXV 0 – Alameda Riptide HS Girls 0 Referee: Paul Berman

Venue: Undisclosed location (due to "Homeland Security" concerns). All I'm at liberty to divulge is that the match was played within Davis’ city limits.
Weather: Sunny and clear, wonderful for this time of year.
Comments: Pitch hard under foot; marked with cones only; free standing regulation goal posts; slightly narrow paddock.

Alameda traveled East with 31 eager lassies of which 17 were novices, never previously having played representative rugby.

There is something to be said for island dwellers getting up to speed fast. I tell you this younger crop seem to lack timidity. Perhaps it was simply a case of youthful ignorance. They've never given this idle observer the impression that they were ever paying the slightest bit of attention to this follicle-ly & vertically challenged, middle aged coach/facilitator. Go figure! Go Riptide!

One single 45 minute period. A "late, off campus lunch date", played strictly by U19 laws.

It's a thing of beauty to observe 9th graders contain UC scholars in their own half for 89% of a notably short game. Perhaps it's time to move over and allow the children to show us the way!

A match played in fine spirit by bonnie lassies keen to hone their new found footballing skills. Facilitated by an un-named though thoroughly familiar coaching cabal.

Silicon Valley HS 0 – LAMORINDA 46 Referee: Rich Anderson
This one was played at Stanford prior to the college games.


Report from John Coppinger:
Four teams showed up to complete in Hayward on Saturday: Peninsula Green, Tri-Valley, Berkeley, and host Hayward. (Antioch and Oakland Military Institute backed out the last minute for different reasons.)

Teams played three games each in a round robin format w/ 12 minutes halves. I handled three matches; Rich Anderson two; and Giles the last match in the winter dusk after Rich and I both had to leave.

First Match: Hayward 21, Berkeley 0.
Third Match: Berkeley 10, Tri-Valley 10.
Fifth Match: Hayward 29, Tri-Valley 5.

Hayward has a #10 who learned the game in Auckland and who has game.

In good news for all, the City of Hayward has painted rugby lines (in yellow) on the field turf making Blane's duct tape redundant.

These two games are from a week ago:

Soph/ Frosh: DE LA SALLE 10 – Christian Brothers 0 Referee: Chris Parkhouse

A pre-season friendly for both sides saw an extremely close game between two well matched sides. Substitutions abounding to give all players some match practice, the game was decided by just a couple of missed tackles which DLS capitalized on. Both scores came in the first half of this tight contest.

DE LA SALLE 26 – Christian Brothers 7 Referee: Chris Parkhouse

The score really does not do justice to the epic performance by Christian Brothers. DLS took the lead on 9 minutes with a try and conversion and scored again following a jinking run by Tim Maupin through a number of players. The latter part of the first half was all Christian Brothers, they continually pressed the De La Salle line, were held up just short following a penalty 10 meters out and nearly scored right on the stroke of half time. It was all one way traffic and the score was no reflection of the pattern of play.

12-0 down at half time Christian Brothers came out strong in the second half and were rewarded with a try and conversion bringing them right back into the game. Tim Maupin for DLS however, was the key difference in this game. Another jinking try was followed by sustained Christian Brothers pressure leading to a sole destroying third try by Tim. Receiving the ball near the DLS try line he put up a huge up and under that he then proceeded to charge after. Two bounces around mid field - the second straight into the arms of a full striding Maupin saw him off to the races between two defenders. Christian Brothers continued to press forward but were unable to breakdown a staunch DLS defence.

These two sides meet again in Sacramento at the KOT and I would expect it to be a very close affair.


Joe Leisek sends along a link with an entertaining juxtaposition:

I have to be careful, soccer is my son's passion...but I know he would never be caught dead acting like these nancies...


2006 Rookie of the Year

Joe Androvich, former Jesuit and Cal player, is presented the 2006 Pelican Rookie of the Year award by his former coach Fred Khasigian at the 2007 Kickoff Tournament.

Current Jesuit players, plus Dave Williamson and Ray Schwartz look on.


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