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The Senate adjourned to rural central Alabama for a family reunion, a week of board games with the next two generations, skiing and kayaking, and a Sherlock video marathon (the current BBC series updating the sleuth to modern-day London, with Dr. Watson as his blogger).

We returned home on Saturday in order to be able to participate in the youth sevens tournament in Morgan Hill on Sunday. Serendipity reigned: the water park adjacent to the pitches was the site for a double celebration of Father’s Day and our older daughter’s birthday, and this began just as the tournament wound down and the temperature spiraled up.

Ref six games of sevens in hundred-degree heat, then get splashed in a variety of ways right next door.

Driving home was interesting: it was 102° just south of Gilroy and twenty miles later, in Prunedale, it was 59°. Such is the effect to the coastal fog, also noted by those who watched the US (golf) Open from San Francisco and saw the change from one day to the next.

Take a look at a weather map this time of the year – if you were in south Florida, where it was a hundred, you’ve have to drive almost into Arctic Canada to find daytime temperatures forty degrees less.

Such are the climates of Pelicanland.

You’ll also notice the differences between the organization apparent at the tournaments played thus far involving adults on the one hand and youth on the other, when you read the reports. If you want to know when you’ll be starting and when you’ll be finishing, referee one of the many youth events.



Games in Sacramento, XV and VII
Bruce Ricard
The weather forecast announced temperatures around 90 degrees for the weekend, but the very strong wind made the air more breathable and the rugby harder to play.

The EPA team seemed not to be motivated, or lacked of training, but they didn't play the rugby they usually play. And the Islanders won the game pretty easily.

A few 7's games took place after. The Barbarians didn't show up, so we had a lot of B and C-side games from the Lions, who played in almost every game. Very nice tournament, everyone was having a good time.

James Hinkin
TI mini Tournament
Games I refereed:
SFGG 5 – Olympic Club A 31
Olympic Club B 5 – San Mateo 24
Olympic Club A 5 _ Pacific Coast Grizzlies 22
Diablo Gaels 24 - Olympic Club B 17
A gorgeous postcard day at Treasure Island as a few teams got together for some early 7s fun. SFGG, Olympic Club A, Olympic Club B, San Mateo, Diablo Gaels and the Grizzlies all showed up ready to run. SFGG brought a reserve side, Olympic Club brought 2 strong, San Mateo has reloaded again, Diablo Gaels has playmakers but lack depth and the Grizzlies – as they should and arranged to do – cherry picked the top talent from other squads to fill out their roster.

Fast, exciting play with minimal fuss, it was a nice way to start the 7s season. You could see what teams were working on and how they adjusted over the course of the day to game conditions. To be fair, you could also see what the refs were working on and how they adjusted over the course of the day to game conditions. Tim Lew should have the official scores but it looked like the Grizzlies were the best side out there followed by O Club. Great day played in great spirit. That, and we were done early enough that I could pop over to SF and have lunch at Pier 23 and watch the Giants take it to the Rangers. Good times.

Many thanks to Tim Lew for organizing this event.

SUNDAY, June 10:
Youth Sevens in Dixon
No reports received. Lots of games and a handful of refs doing many games each from hearsay.

SATURDAY, June 16:

Loaves and Fishes Sevens at For Pete’s Sake in Santa Rosa
Report by Tom Zanarini
I can happily say that at Saturday's 5 Loaves and 2 Fish Tournament in Santa Rosa I made no mistakes. I arrived at For Pete's Sake field at 9, knowing the tournament would have a 'ish' start time of 9am. Mike King was holding down the fort, the volunteers were in place, concession stand and all. One thing was missing...teams. Eric Rauscher pulled in around 9:30, still no teams. Around 10 it seemed the new Hayward team was filing in. 10:30, they're camped under the shade. 10:45, two players are hanging a banner for the Sacramento Lions team. Just two players. I got kitted up around this time, hoping to see things spring into action as Mike King was trying to wrangle up a match for me. The green jerseys look very nice with the navy shorts, by the way. By 11:00 I had a snow cone to cool down and called my dad to wish him a Happy Father's Day. Just after 11, Jordan Bruno arrived to cover the afternoon. 11:20, time is up. Farewell to For Pete's Sake for the day. I'm told by Mike King that 3 teams ended up showing, and they had a double round robin. In the peak heat of the day. I love summer sevens.

Greg Smith Memorial 7's rugby tourney in Yreka:
Report by Sean Peters:
The following teams were there: Humboldt, Colusa, Southern Oregon, Mendo, Redding, Highwaymen, and the home team put out 2 home teams

The State Of Jefferson R.F.C is an up-coming team; hats off for their loss of a fellow rugger.

Referees: Sean Peters, Bo Burgstrom, Kevin Parks from Medford

SUNDAY, June 17:
Youth Sevens in Morgan Hill
First Inaugural Quicksilver Summer 7s--June 17
Report by David Williamson:

Rugby balls were in play for lots of youth and high school players on Father’s Day. The Santa Clara Youth Club planned and carried out an excellent tournament on two full-sized fields and two mini-fields from 10 am to 2:30 pm. Excellent layout with sideline barriers and field marshals for each field. We were fortunate so many refs were there to manage the 24 middle and high school matches during the Morgan Hill heat: Anthony Nguyen, Bruce Carter, Steve Moore, Alan Lowe, Kevin Kenny, Paul Bretz, and Neil MacDonald. Steve Moore, Dick Crouch, and Kevin Kenny handled the numerous U-10s and U-12s matches.

HS Boys-Gold Winner: Buchanan def. Peninsula Green (15-14)
HS Boys-Silver Winner: Stockton def. Bellarmine (38-7)
MS Boys-Gold Winner: Pleasanton/Danville Barbarians def. Peninsula Green (24-0)
U12 Coed-Winner: Peninsula Seahawks def. Santa Clara (50-5)
U10 Coed-Winner: Santa Clara def. Peninsula Seahawks (25-20)

Dave Williamson


Saturday, 23:
All Blues Sevens

Sunday, 24: Youth Sevens in Dixon

Saturday, 30:
Palo Alto Sevens
SFGG Sevens
Annual NCRRS awards banquet

Sunday, 1:
Youth Sevens in Dublin

Saturday, 7:
Jackpot Sevens in Reno
SF Fog women’s Sevens
SFGG Sevens
Sacramento Lions Sevens

Sunday, 8:
Youth Sevens in Dixon

Saturday, 14:
Palo Alto Sevens
Mt. Shasta Sevens
SFGG Sevens

Sunday, 15:
Youth Sevens, Pleasanton

Saturday, 21:
SF Fog women’s Sevens
Marin Highlanders high-school Sevens
PCRFU Qualifier Sevens for the nationals, Treasure Island

Saturday, 28:
Palo Alto Sevens

Sunday, 29:
Youth Sevens championships, Dixon

Saturday-Sunday, 4-5:
USA Rugby club sevens championships (men and women) at SFGG

Saturday, 25: Fifteens tournament in Reno


Don’t forget to set aside Saturday evening, June 30th, for the Pelican Refs 2012 annual awards banquet. We’ll be returning to Scott’s in Walnut Creek for the festivities.

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