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Most of the year we hew to a schedule, the rhythms of rugby dictating the tempo of our week. But in the summer, Hail, Pelicus is sometime OBE – Overtaken By Events.

Don’t worry – when there’s news to report you’ll get it here.


Be sure to print the liability waiver, sign it, and mail it to our treasurer along with your $10 dues for the upcoming year.

Note that there are two pages to the waiver, both of which need to be signed and returned, and six paragraphs where you initial. It’s like renting a car in that respect, although more rewarding.

Checks to: NCRRS
Jim Crenshaw
c/o Delta Supply
1248 East Oak Avenue #D
Woodland, CA 95776


We’ve had very poor response to a call for referees over the next few months. Well, a few, “I’ll do a game or two.” We need DATES – which of these can you referee?

August 21:
Women’s club round-robin in Chico. Scott Wood will be there and could use some help. There will be six shortened games.

August 28:
Women’s club match
Arroyo Grande Sevens – this one’s covered

September 4:
Polynesian tournament in Sunnyvale, men’s and women’s fifteens. Three fields.
Women’s league club match
This will feature some very good teams, including national champions Las Vegas.

September 11:
Women’s club season in full swing with three home games
Tri-tip Sevens in San Luis Obispo.

October 2:
Chico State alumni games – 3 or 4 matches

October 8-9:
Fiji Day Sevens celebration, probably in Palo Alto
(Saturday) Two women’s club games

November 6: Society meeting

Report by Stephen Moore:

Referees: Eugene Baker, Bruce Bernstein, Stephen Moore
Tournament Winner: Palo Alto Bulldogs
Location: Burton High School San Francisco

Samoa A
Samoa B
East Palo Alto
Palo Alto Bulldogs
Santa Rosa

A good day of rugby action and competition by all teams. A well run event starting with a flag-raising ceremony for US, American and Western Samoan flags, followed by speeches and prayers. A very good speech given by the pastor about the importance of family, fatherly leadership and the building of lives based on Jesus and Samoan traditions. Ample BBQ food with the pervasive yummy smell and sound of Samoan music all day wafting as games were played. Some very interesting and entertaining cultural dances, with players moving between games and dance activities.

The rugby competition consisted of 10 round robin games follow by a final. All games were well played, behavior and team discipline were good, a few minor handbag exchanges in the last round robin game but no big deal. East Palo Alto (EPA) were undefeated in their round robin matches with their closest game being against Palo Alto Bulldogs (24-7). The final with EPA and Bulldogs was expected to be a repeat of the earlier match but surprisingly it was not! Warm-ups beforehand seem to be taken more seriously by the Bulldogs including a period of silence and prayer. The preparation paid off, the Bulldogs ran away with the game 42 zip! EPA lost heart quickly when a couple of quick tries were scored against them early in the game. The game was well played; a penalty try was awarded to the Bulldogs after tapping the ball through to the in-goal area with the player being fouled.

A proud people, great set of traditions, friendly and good humored. Lunch for me consisted of a significant amount of bbq pork, chicken, taro and sausages, way too much for this 200lb weakling to consume and stay conscious running around a paddock under the hot sun.

Bruce, Eugene and Steve hit it off well, had a hoot of a day, and enjoyed the good Samoan company.

Eugene Baker adds:
The Samoan Flag Day 10's tournament went smoothly - With me, Bruce Bernstein, and Steve Moore alternating matches. East Palo Alto Bulldogs took the cup and $1,000, while the plate and $500 went to the East Palo Alto Razorbacks. Third place went to Santa Rosa, who received a kava bowl. Refs got t-shirts with Samoan Flag Day logos, and delicious artery-clogging Samoan food. We were also treated to outstanding authentic Polynesian dance by local Samoan church groups.


Old Puget Sound Beach won the title, with Provo winning the Bowl. With first- and ninth-place finishes, the Pacific Coast should pick up a team for next year as all three Northeast teams finished below Provo.

This should enable next year’s event to have a NorCal flavor, even though it probably won’t be played here. Golden Gate has hosted it three years in a row but next year’s event is still out for bidding.

Phil Akroyd and George O’Neil refereed games while dozens of Pelicans were spotted on the touch, on the dead-ball line, in the bleachers and the VIP section.


Through the generosity of an anonymous benefactor, the NCRRS is offering free Level 1 tuition for any coach from a men's or women's college and one or two players from the team. (Coach attends course with the player.) Players must have at least two years experience.

This would provide benefits to teams (those who attend the course will be smarter players and can handle scrimmages), and to players (full-time students can receive money for refereeing matches). The Society benefits from a greater understanding of the laws among those we officiate, and perhaps some refereeing of regular season high school or adult matches.

We can provide coaching to any new referees at the Sacramento Kickoff Tournament in January.


Saturday, October 16: San Jose
Saturday, October 30: Sacramento (tentative)

Please let our recruitment officer know if you would like to take us up on this offer:
Rob Hendrickson:


Tony Redmond, although back in Ireland, is always on the lookout for the newest refereeing techniques that will assist Pelicans in flying higher.

He sends along this most instructive link:


Want to get a group of kids hooked on rugby? Why not share your passion?

All it takes you is a few minutes, a rugby ball, and a patch of ground.

Rod Chance spotted this display in a sporting goods store, Sports Authority.


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