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If you’ve been on exchange you owe it to the process to attend. It’s Date Night!

Mark your calendars now for dinner with you and a date to celebrate the visit of our friends from the East Midlands: Saturday, March 20th, 6:30 PM at the Up & Under Pub in Point Richmond:

Pelicans planning to attend should RSVP to Bjorn Stumer ASAP:

There’s plenty of free parking available directly across the street.


There is a hotel bed with your name on it at the Yosemite Lodge reserved for the night of March 17. There are seven signed up for our strenuous hike on March 18, the three visitors, Chris Tucker, Eric Rauscher, and Bruces Bernstein and Carter, but four doubles to house them.

You in?


Wednesday, February 24:
CALIFORNIA 39 – University of British Columbia 7 Referee: Pete Smith
ARs: John Pohlman, Bruce Carter
Fourth Officials: Preston Gordon, Joe Leisek

The next-to-last game at Witter Field featured a great crowd and a famous victory. You should have been there – half our Society was!

OLYMPIC CLUB 29 – Reno 8 Referee: Preston Gordon
AR: Dave Newport
TJs: 2 Gentlemen from O Club
Evaluator: David Williamson
Treasure Island GAA complex, 1300

This was another great, hard-hitting contest in the first division, and the game was a lot closer than the score might otherwise indicate. Although O Club scored 5 tries to Reno's 1, and the visitors only brought 18 men, they were able to make good use of their possession in attack. The rain threatened - drizzling for a few minutes before kickoff - but ultimately it turned out to be a pretty good day for rugby. The pitch was wet, but it obviously drains well, and we used just about every part of it.

At the half the score was O Club 12 (2 tries + 1 conversion) to Reno 3 (1 penalty goal, courtesy of the extra 10 meters earned by an O Club player running his mouth a little too much). In the second half the intensity of the game increased noticeably, and the Zephyrs scored their only try of the day after a couple of missed tackles. O Club answered with 3 additional tries of their own (1 converted), although the last 2 came near the end of the match after O Club had made 4 substitutions.

There was also one yellow card to an O Club player at 54' for impeding a Reno runner who was chasing his own chip kick into O Club's 22. Hopefully this sort of silliness will stop when they're under sustained pressure - a similar thing happened last week right around the same point in the game.

Many thanks to the gentlemen assisting on the sideline, and also to Dave Williamson, who spent time going over the match with me afterwards and had some really good feedback. The players on both sides also seemed to get a lot out of the game, and they all deserve thanks as well for approaching the contest in a fair, sporting, and positive manner.

No second-side match.

Sac Lions 9 – SACRAMENTO CAPITALS 13 Referee: Tim Luscombe
Referee Coach: Matt Eason
Not sure if Tim filed a report, but it was a close fought game, as was to be expected on a narrow, muddy field. The Capitols scored first with a try from (winger?) Goodall, converted by McKillup, who also added a PK later in the game.

The Lions had their chances but mysteriously opted to repeatedly kick at goal in the second half, when they needed to score tries.

Seconds: SAC LIONS 29 – Sac Capitals 5 Referee: Phil Akroyd
Ten-a-side for two twenty minute halves. This was a bit of a non-event as both squads were indifferent toward playing a second game.

The Lions threw the ball around with greater skill than the Capitols who were, in their defense, blooding a number of smaller, inexperienced players. It’s a shame to have to go to the book in such a low key game, but when a Capitols player did a slide tackle on a Lion scoring under the posts (and just missed) that Landon Donavon would have been proud of, I had no other option. At least I got to AR the first game and worked on sprints in the B game. Not a complete waste of time.

SAN MATEO 29 – East Palo Alto 26 Referee: Paul Bretz
Both teams were evenly matched and played a good game. Congratulations to San Mateo for a hard fought win.

Seconds: San Mateo 5 – East Palo Alto 5 Referee: James Hinkin
After an exciting A side match neither side seemed eager to start the B side match, but once people started moving around and getting ready, the teams got serious. 20 minute halves were agreed on by the captains and the match started. Both teams were very young and had too many players who haven't learned the laws of rugby. The hits were enthusiastic but far too often were illegal. That being said both sides have a good base to build on as the coaches start teaching The Game Played In Heaves [Editor’s Note: we considered that this might be a typo but then recalled some B-side matches from our own experience] to a new generation. San Mateo scored in the first half and EPA responded in the second half. Neither try was converted to I guess the beer is on me...
[Editor’s Further Note: The next society meeting is March 10 at 7 PM, James]


Diablo Gaels 10 – BA Baracus 10 Referee: Pete Smith

Seconds: DIABLO GAELS 25 – BA Baracus 5 Referee: Not sure. Home-team provided.

Chico Mighty Oaks 13 – FRESNO 60 Referee: Scott Wood
TJs: Alex Triantafyllou (Chico), Fresno player
Location: Chico Jr High, aka Gopherville
We loaded up the Pookiemobile and headed north. The forecast was for rain in the greater California area but apparently Chico did not get the message. Just north of Yuba City we spotted open, blue sky. Arriving at the pitch of dreams, I discovered that hip waders were not required. The turf was soft but holding up well.

This match featured two unbeaten teams. Fresno (2-0) and Chico (3-0). It was great to see so many players on hand for Chico. Fresno travelled by bus ("We're staying for the social.")

The teams traded the ball back and forth in contact with some penalties thrown into the mix for various infractions. With Fresno leading 14-13, Jojo Mckenzie came on for the wing. While he was not initially an impact on play, his presence solidified the backs enough to attack down the field. From a ruck located right of Chico's posts, Fresno passed the ball left to a player who was tackled illegally just before goal line. Penalty try. Yellow card. Conversion made. Fresno leads 21-13. Despite being down a player, Chico maintained pressure and shut down Fresno's advances to finish the half.

Quicker than a Chilean tsunami reaching the California shore, the tide turned against Chico as Fresno was able to move the ball around, albeit fighting to gain each meter. Fresno turned up the scoring bring the tally up to 48-13 when a Chico player ended in the sin bin for killing the ball near the goal line. The visitors punched the ball in for an unconverted try to bring the score to 53-13. Chico was undeterred by the score or being down a man. They fought their way to within five meters. A Fresno player, failing to remain onside and the referee's attempt to manage him, found his way to the bin. Chico tapped the ball, passed left...and knocked on the ball. Fresno formed a ruck, passed right and bolted down the field for a three-pass 98-meter run to dot the ball down between the posts. The conversion was successful and the final whistle signaled full time.

We stayed to watch Jim Crenshaw referee the seconds match featuring Alex Triantafyllou and Herb Breen. NB: Chico's rule for the day was have a mustache, or one painted on with a magic marker. The social was held at the infamous Madison Bear Garden. A long, gratifying day in the books.

Seconds: CHICO 43 – Fresno 27 Referee: Jim Crenshaw
In a D-2 b-side match in Chico Saturday afternoon, Chico defeated Fresno 43 to 27 on a field that can only be described as an ongoing biology experiment to determine the absolute maximum gopher population that can be maintained in/on a field the size of a rugby pitch!!

SEAHAWKS over Vallejo by forfeit. Referee: Mike Gadoua
San Jose wanted to scrimmage so they gave Vallejo a few players. Eventually, all Vallejo players showed up (some from Sonoma and Sacramento), but the game had been forfeited and they played for 80 minutes anyway.

SFGG – Vacaville Referee: Harley Griffiths (New York)
ARs: John Coppinger, Sean O’Connell
Evaluator: Dixon Smith
Videographer: Bruce Carter
SFGG won, as the videographer can attest.

STANISLAUS over Arroyo Grande by forfeit

Diablo U23, 5 – SAN BRUNO SAINTS 22 Referee: Joe Leisek
Diablo Valley College, Pleasanton
A late-night match that kicked off at 8:40 p.m. in the DVC football stadium. The all-weather surface facilitated a lot of running for both teams, with the Saints breaking through first about four minutes into the match. The visitors were bigger and more experienced, and rumbled to three tries in the first half to the hosts' one. The Gaels' try was scored on a dramatic 70-meter breakway. In the second half, the Saints scored one try as the Gaels played better defense but could not break through themselves. Both teams are well-coached. The Saints have returned to the Union after many years' hiatus, while the Gaels continue to build their solid program. Congratulations to Saints coach Moana Tuifua and Gaels coach Barry Thompson...and thanks to Barry for running touch in the second half.

Aptos 6 – HUMBOLDT 29 Referee: Sandy Robertson
Humboldt dominated scrums and possession on a muddy Salinas pitch and scored 4 tries on their way to a 29 to 6 victory. Aptos was within a meter or two of the line at least twice but was unable to touch down over the line.

Berkeley 12 – MARIN 29 Referee: George O'Neil

Fog 0 – REDWOOD 27 Referee: John Pohlman
This past Saturday took me to the Treasure Island Rugby experience. I remember when I first moved to Northern California and played games at the Polo Fields. Three fields full of rugby games, played from before noon until sunset. National competitions at Balboa Park and Kezar Stadium. After playing rugby for twenty years throughout the Midwest and West, I thought I had died and gone to rugby heaven.

Good news rugby fans, rugby heaven is still in Northern California. Over 11 games played on three separate fields took place on TI Saturday. Most everyone, all the officials at least, meandered over to the Golden Gate Clubhouse bar and grill for some food and a beer (couldn't get that at the Polo fields).

On to my game. The FOG were hosting Redwood for a noon kick-off. Two games prior to mine and two after, at this field.

I looked forward to this game. The Redwood team out of Santa Rosa is in its first season. The FOG continue to be a strong organization improving their rugby.

We started at 12:15 allowing the earlier games to finish.

I was just a bit concerned what a 6-10 foot sea surge would look like if the tsunami from the Chilean earthquake materialized. Oh well, first task controlling thirty testosterone driven males. The tsunami, if it came, shouldn't hit until the second half.

Redwood won the toss and received the ball. Redwood is led by #10 captain Jade who scored the first try of the game ten minutes in. Redwood pretty much controlled most of the game and ball possession. But the FOG has improved their rugby, especially their defense. Redwood's Kiwi #10 took advantage of FOG mistakes and overlaps. This led to two more trys in the first half. No tsunami yet.

Half time score Redwood 17 FOG 0.

The second half the FOG had a lot of opportunities but could not finish the scoring threats. Jade took penalty points around the sixty minute mark to relieve pressure. The FOG had a couple more trys stopped by good defense. Redwoods hard working 2nd row was rewarded with the last try of the game.

Then over to GG's field for the Super League game, but to my surprise it had been canceled.

I talked with coach Paul Keeler about what had happened. He was disappointed to say the least. The last four games against D-1 teams had been cancelled, most at the last minute. He felt this was not fair to his players and not with the spirit of rugby. Can't argue with that.

I did get to share a beer with two Pelican rugby assessors, five Pelican referees, one referee from Southern California and one from New York. No Super League game but close to rugby heaven.

SHASTA 27 – Mendocino 5 Referee: Bjorn Stumer
A scrappy affair made even more so by a wet pitch. Mendocino gave it all they had but were no match for a determined Highlander side with plenty of replacements on tap. Shasta augmented the 8 points scored in the first half with 19 additional points in the second half. Mendocino's unconverted try at the last minute was too little, too late. A lot of give and take and a fun spectacle for the spectators under a surprisingly blue sky and a warm sun. A fun day only marred by a red card given to one of the Shasta players for a spear tackle. A good day of Rugby.

SF Fog women 10 – ALL BLUES 61 Referee: Sean O'Connell

ST. MARY’S 29 – UC Davis 6 Referee: Joe Androvich

Seconds: St. Mary's 22 – UC DAVIS 29 Referee: Tom Zanarini
Assessor: Bryan Porter
I was hoping this would be as good a match as the A-side and I was not disappointed. Hotly contested and evenly matched, Davis just edged out a win. After the 80 minutes both sides decided to play 2-20's and I was happy to oblige. I didn't keep score for the extra time, but it was very even once again.

Thanks to Bryan Porter for the evaluation. I'm glad he didn't retire from the Pelicans!

HUMBOLDT STATE 41 – U. of San Francisco 0 Referee: Rob Hendrickson
Following almost a week of steady rain storms, Arcata’s skies opened up to a glorious day of sunshine on Saturday for Humboldt State’s match against USF. Following Rich Anderson’s hint to me midweek about flying in based on one of his prior trips, I opted to fly rather than drive up to Arcata, and what a good choice that turned out to be. The flight was short and was reasonably priced ($135 round trip) compared to what it would have cost for gas (600 miles), and the weather was so clear that I had spectacular views across the coast range and over to Mt Shasta and beyond. Best of all, I avoided the 5 + hour drive. Alex, the HSU coach arranged for me to get picked up at the airport and I was treated to a great breakfast at the Alibi in downtown Arcata, which from all outward appearances was a greasy spoon dive bar, but which had an excellent breakfast menu which explained why the bar was full that morning. It turned out that the Arcata area was alive with 10,000’s of Aleutian geese this weekend which had stopped over to rest on their migration north and which dominated the sky when they flew. The grass pitch was mostly firm, with only a handful of small mud spots, although we had to move a number of the scrums to minimize slippage. HSU started out strong, scoring their first try within minutes, and never looked back. USF drove to within the 5 meter line on several occasions, but couldn’t punch the ball in due to HSU’s strong tackling off the rucks which resulted in turnovers, either takeaways or knock-ons. I unfortunately missed the after game social as I had to get back on a plane to return, and Alex understandably wanting to drop me off after the game so he could get to the social his team was hosting. All in all a great experience due in large part to HSU’s terrific hospitality.

SANTA ROSA JC 14 – Cal Maritime 5 Referee: Greg Lundell
Referee Coach: Jake Rubin

Nevada – Sierra JC Moved to Thursday, March 4, 6 PM

SANTA CLARA 20 – San Jose State 15 Referee: Mike King
The threat of rain never materialized, but it did not save the pitch at Bellomy Field on the Santa Clara campus. It was somewhat sloppy and slick, but the ball-handling by both sides was surprisingly crisp.

After trading tries with the Spartans, the SCUTS moved out to a 15-5 halftime lead. Following intermission, the home side could not put San Jose away, and the battle became more intense. 2 long runs from the Spartans’ backs, brought them close. Santa Clara put on an extra burst and closed out in fine fashion while knocking on San Jose’s door. A hard fought rivalry contest.


Nevada women – UC Davis Referee: Russ Wilkening
No report received, and no scores on the teams’ websites.

SANTA CLARA women 53 – U. of San Francisco 0 Referee: Cary Bertolone
After rain preceding the game, it let up in time for our 10:00 kickoff at Bellomy Field at Santa Clara Univ. Santa Clara controlled most of the game with a balanced forward and back attack that produced constant recycling of the ball. USF was game however, and had some offense going at times also. After 19-0 lead at half by the Broncos, the second half started out scoreless for twenty hard fought minutes, but then the floodgates opened and Santa Clara put up 34 points in just 20 minutes for the 53-0 win. It was a sunny, muddy, fun game.


STANFORD women 43 – California 13 Referee: Rich Anderson
The older I get, and I am still not as old as John Coppinger, the more I appreciate weekends like this. I used to take them for granted.

Stanford postponed their matches until Sunday, due to the weather. This allowed me to catch up with an old teammate, Bill Yungert ('Yogi' to the real old Mission guys). He is affiliated with the Marin Highlanders high school rugby, who were hosted Elsie Allen from Santa Rosa. I know that there are better teams around, but I would be hard pressed to find a group of 2 teams who try harder and have more fun.

Both the A-side and B-side were decided by interesting plays. The winning score for Marin in the A-side occurred on a Penalty Kick by Marin that hit the goal post high, dropped straight down, and was alertly downed by a charging Marin player. In the B-side match, an Elsie back went weak off a ruck at the 10 meter line, kept the ball, broke four tackles, and scored in the corner of the try zone. Good Stuff all around.

Marin A 20
EA A 14

Marin B 19
EA B 22

Sunday, it was on to Stanford for the Stanford women versus the Cal women. The sun came out, just like Griff requested. The pitch and the weather were perfect. Cal played tough, but Stanford un-leashed too much of #9 Jessica Watkins, who scored (I believe) 3 tries.

And to top off the weekend, I AR-ed for Aruna during the following Men's match. I love rugby, and I will sleep well tonight.

Stanford 26 – CHICO STATE 29 Referee: Aruna Ranaweera
Assistant Referee: Rich Anderson
Due to a pessimistic weather forecast, this match was moved from Saturday to Sunday. The playing field at Stanford was still a bit soft, but the sunny skies attracted a vocal crowd to the stadium. Both teams showed good structure on offense, but Chico seemed bigger and more physical in the forwards. Even then, it was Stanford that scored first by driving in a maul from a 5m lineout. Chico then proceeded to take control of the match with swarming support and powerful running. Halftime 19-5 to Chico. In the second half, Chico looked unstoppable and raced to a 29-5 lead. Just when it looked like Chico would blow out their hosts, a remarkable transformation happened: Chico completely ran out of gas. Stanford, which had previously been on the backfoot most of the match, suddenly found gaps in the Chico defense and scored 3 converted tries to strike within 29-26 with a few minutes remaining. At this point, Chico did not have the energy to muster anything on offense so was content to recycle ball to wind down the clock; their case was not helped by their scrumhalf who earned a yellow card for unsportsmanlike comments. Stanford had one last chance to steal the match with no time remaining, but after a big break into Chico territory, the ball-carrier was isolated which allowed Chico to earn a penalty for holding on. In the end, Chico escaped with an exciting, dramatic win, 5 tries to 4. These teams will stage an encore next weekend in Chico. In preparation, Stanford will rue dropped balls that could have led to tries, while Chico will want to work on their fitness so they can extend their initial domination.

Thanks to Rich for his help as Assistant Referee after he had refereed the preceding women's match.

UC SANTA CRUZ women 49 – Humboldt 6 Referee: Eric Rauscher
The pitch at Santa Cruz has perhaps the best view of any pitch in Nor Cal. The view over Monterey Bay is superb.

The pitch itself was in superb shape also. The match was scheduled to be played on Saturday but was postponed until Sunday due to rain. The pitch was a bit moist, but not muddy at all. The first half was pretty much one-way traffic for UCSC. Humboldt had a surprisingly dominate scrum, but was never really able to string together a coherent set of phases to score. UCSC was also a little bit quicker to breakdowns so ended up with allot of ball.

There were a fair number of knock-ons early on due to the ball getting wet from the field, but as the game progressed, the field dried out a bit and handling was better. Humboldt did manage to put up points in the second half with a couple of penalty kicks for goal, but UCSC kept racking up tries.

An interesting thought occurred to me. If a player gets tackled by someone with her hair spiked in a Mohawk, is it a spear tackle?

UC Santa Cruz 11 – CALIFORNIA 88 Referee: George O’Neil


SANTA ROSA/CARDINAL NEWMAN 31 – Montgomery 14 Referee: Cary Bertolone
After hardcore rain throughout the day, the clouds broke and we had an unexpected dry game w/ artificial turf for good footing. The two teams came out scoring try for try and it was 14-14 after twenty minutes. Both teams seemed explosive. Then, Rosa took over and Montgomery could not keep up. The enthusiasm they had displayed the week before was not there and Newman Rosa won 31-14.

Both teams had plenty of players; John Tomasin reffed a fun 2nd game that lasted the full 70 minutes. Fun to play under the lights!

EPA U19, 26 – Silicon Valley 14 Referee: James Hinkin
With traffic delaying arrival of EPA on a wet Friday night the game kicked off a bit late. Silicon Valley were more prepared to start and put up 2 well-worked tries in the first half. EPA regrouped at half time and were able to get some late arrivals on the pitch and started exerting themselves to the tune of 4 tries to none. All in all a good, competitive, hard hitting match.

JESUIT 68 – Motherlode 5 Referee: Phil Akroyd
The Jesuit Juggernaut rumbles on. Four tries within the first fifteen minutes, eight unanswered tries within the first half of which seven were converted successfully by captain Grant Penney.

The home side rolled out multiple subs for the second half and the soaking weather conditions slowed the game down further. Motherlode capitalized on Jesuit indiscipline at the ruck and scored the final try of the game. Praise to the visitors for playing with such a good attitude against such a dominant squad.

Varsity: MARIN 20 – Elsie Allen 14 Referee: Rich Anderson

JV: Marin 19 – ELSIE ALLEN 22 Ref: Anderson
(Details recounted above under Stanford women’s game on Sunday.)

Girls: Davis Lady Devils 0 – ALAMEDA 15 Referee: Jim Crenshaw
Rain was pouring as the Alameda High School girls defeated the Davis Lady Devils 15 to 0. at 10 am Saturday morning.

Girls: Berkeley 0 – HUMBOLDT 27 Referee: Bruce Bernstein
At Gilman Artificial Turf Field 3:30 PM

Freshman Boys: JESUIT 27 – SFGG 19 Referee: Bruce Bernstein
At TI GAA pitch 9:30 AM

Golden Gate 10 – JESUIT 22 Referee: Bruce Carter
The larger high school programs, those who can run out four sides, are making the effort to travel and play each other this season, leading to some great matchups.

By the end of February we referees can take a late-season approach to refereeing NorCal high school games: condescension unnecessary, explanation often superfluous, make the call and get out of the way. They know what they just did and they know what they need to do next. The fruits of coaches’ labors are harvested earlier each year.

Jesuit opened with 15 points in less than twenty minutes, when Golden Gate finally started to get some of the ball and make use of it themselves.

Both teams work well across 8-9-10 and have the big bodies and speedsters to complement the pivot.

Much enjoyed and overheard comment from a Jesuit player, me not having refereed the team in these kids’ careers, after they’d been scored on: “The ref’s missing stuff. Well, not this ref: he’s pretty good. But he’s missing stuff.”

JV: Golden Gate 0 – JESUIT 13 Referee: Sean O'Connell

DE LA SALLE 13 – Christian Brothers 7 Referee: George O’Neil

WOODCREEK 24 – El Camino/Rio Americano 5 Referee: Jim Crenshaw
Monday evening, Woodcreek High School boys defeated the El Camino/Rio Americano High School boys 24 to 5.


ALAMO CITY 29 – UT Grads 17 Referee: Sam Reagle
Conditions: Perfect
It's been about a month since my last report. During that time, we left Florida, celebrated my birthday and watched the Super Bowl on the big screen at the Beau Rivage Casino in Biloxi, MS. It was awesome being so close to New Orleans for the game. Clearly, more than Louisianans support the Saints. There was only one couple openly cheering for the Colts and they left before halftime. Go figure. We left Biloxi for Mardi Gras in NOLA and stayed the entire week. We attended several parades, wandered Bourbon Street (among others) and acquired about 40 lbs of beads, trinkets and Voodoo Dolls. It exceeded my expectations. Then, we packed up and headed for Texas where I contacted Jim Wolfinger of the Texas Referee Society hoping to pick up a game.

The UT Grads took the opening kickoff and moved the ball pretty well before a knock-on turned the ball over around mid-field. Alamo City got to about the 22 when UTG didn't respect the hind foot resulting in 3 points at the 4 minute mark 8 minutes and a few curious kicks later, UTG orchestrated an unconverted try in the corner. Then, AC scored an unconverted try to go up 8-5 and at 31 minutes, Mathieu LeDuc of UTG scored his first ever try to retake the lead 12-8. AC took the lead back at 36 minutes to go into halftime up 15-12. Pretty exciting first half. I was impressed by how well the players listened to my instructions. Many penalties were avoided allowing the game to really open up.

It appears that Alamo City saved a pair of fresh legs until the second half. John Corbin scored the first and second tries of his life during the first 5 minutes of the second half. He would have surely scored more, but he dislocated a finger and came out of the game. UTG scored the final unconverted try at 25 minutes after a penalty only five meters out. Fitness became an issue as both teams shot themselves in the foot time and time again resulting in scrum after scrum. It got so frequent that I think they stopped pushing.

A great Social was held at the Fado Irish Pub in downtown Austin. There was plenty of food and beverage, they sang classic rugby songs and the 2 men mentioned above Zulu'd from our pub to OilCan Harry's across the street and back. My thanks to the players for an enjoyable day and to Wolfie for making it possible.


From Jim Crenshaw:

Stanislaus 3 – CHICO 50 Referee: Jim Crenshaw
It was a very nice day in Turlock when I arrived a little before noon. Chico was there in force with about 25 or more players. Stanislaus looked thin with a couple of extras.

It was Chico's day as they controlled all phases of the match despite being down a man for most of the match.

It seems that none of the players are aware of the 'Game Management Guidelines 2010' concerning foul play. On page 11 of the Guidelines it says under A. Tackle: "Lifting a player from the ground, turning the body parallel to the ground or more, and throwing the player to the ground PK and RED CARD"

I discussed this with both teams before the match to make sure that everyone understood what was required, but it still took a red card in the first 5 minutes of the match, to confirm that everyone REALLY understood.

On the way back to Woodland I made a slight detour at the request of Paul Bretz to referee a high school match with Pleasanton playing Diablo in Pleasanton. It was a very spirited match with the score Pleasanton 12 to 5 at half and after being tied for a spell in the second half, Pleasanton won 25 to 12.

Monday is a rugby day with another high school match. Motherlode visited El Camino/Rio in Sacramento Monday afternoon. It was the first regular season match for El Camino and the second for Motherlode. Both teams are well coached, but the slight amount of experience advantage was probably the difference, as it was 10 to 5 Motherlode at the half and 27 to 15 Motherlode at the end of the day.

It's looking like my match might be postponed this Saturday in Reno as the Sierra JC coach is making noise about it snowing Saturday morning and not enough of his team having 4 wheel drives to make it up. I guess they've never heard of chains!!!

ARs should mirror the refs perspective. California and the University of British Columbia feel the benefit of a NorCal Team of Three.


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