Tuesday, November 17, 2009




We need refs for two games at Stanford this Friday evening and two this Sunday morning.

And if we don’t get a few more refs for Saturday, some Pelicans will be doubling up with first- and second-sides matches. There are matches available as close as Davis, San Francisco and Santa Cruz.


MARITIME ACADEMY 17 – Santa Rosa JC 3 Referee: Chris Tucker
AR: Rich Anderson
A perfect day for rugby, 60 and sunny with little breeze down by the Carquinez Strait. Pitch is still a little firm, with a couple of ankle-breakers still to be smoothed out, but nothing major. Both sides came in a little rusty, and we had scrum after scrum in the first half. SRJC's kicking was also a little wayward, and gave the academy fullback plenty of opportunity to show off his powerful sidestep, gaining plenty of ground in the process. The errors kept momentum to a minimum, but both sides came close, with the academy hooker knocking on as he crossed the line, and the SRJC left wing just short on a kick-and-chase in the corner -- the kick was weighted perfectly, but the fullback made it over to cover. A couple of penalties and it was 3-3 at the half.

Rich's prediction at the half was that the SRJC defence would tire in the second, and so it proved, with a couple of tries bashed in by the forwards. The first I was somewhat complicit in, as I got tangled up with a tackler coming from an unexpected angle, but the second was a fine rolling maul, finished off by the #7 who dived over from 3 meters out. Both were converted from easy angles. Both sides started to tire, and the tackles became a little more cavalier with it -- nothing malicious, but enough that I had to speak with a couple of players on either team. One in particular was a badly timed tackle on an academy player jumping for the ball. Not particularly dangerous, but then the dumb clown stood over his opponent and jeered at him. Not in this game, mate.

SRJC never stopped, and camped out in their opponents' 22 for the last 5 minutes of the game, but to no effect. The stronger, fitter team won, but this early workout will have given both coaches plenty of material to work on before the season starts in earnest.

Seconds: MARITIME ACADEMY 17 – Santa Rosa JC 10 Referee: Rich Anderson
The referee reports that it was a “spirited match”.

Diablo Gaels hosting Fresno: Canceled

Orlando 0 – DAYTONA 24 Referee: Sam Reagle
Location: Orlando, FL
Weather: Perfect
This was a much better game than the score implies. Daytona's backline was the difference. Orlando had multiple attacks thwarted by turnovers and excellent pursuit from Daytona. The few times Daytona broke into the open, they outran the Orlando pursuit.

After about 11 minutes of back and forth rugby, Daytona scored their first converted try. It would be their only try of the half as a penalty kick about 7 minutes later completed the first half scoring.

The second half was very similar to the first. The visitor’s backline scored a converted try about 15 in and another about 10 minutes later. The rest of the half was typical industrial rugby. Both teams ran well, tackled well and rucked well with very few surprises.

After the game we headed to the Pine Street Pub for the social to quench our thirsts and enjoy Southern style hot wings. My thanks to the Orlando RFC for their great hospitality and to the FRFURS for the game.

Next week is USA vs Uruguay in Ft. Lauderdale. Should be a hoot.


From David Williamson:
“Ran into Paul Gauthier at the Military Championships at Fort Benning this week. He was one of the Marine Corps coaches, along with Bob Destafney. According to Paul, the Marines finally played according to the game plan and soundly defeated Navy in the consolation match--earning third place in the tournament.

“Gravelly-voiced Paul, who's been invited to return as a Marine Corps coach next year, wants to be noted in HP.”

We are happy to take note of Pelicus Sibilo Egregius nee Sarcophilus Harrisii, the whistler extraordinaire. Although: while the new Commandant of the California Maritime Academy, COL Destafney, retired from the Marine Corps earlier this year, our friend Paul is retired from the same US Navy that his adopted team soundly defeated!

Mr. and Mrs. Wood
This one shall speak for itself.

And it says, “Ahhhhhh....”


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