Tuesday, December 30, 2008




Men’s clubs:

The super league season begins March 14. SF/Golden Gate will play pre-season home games against Sac Lions, San Mateo, Hayward, Boston Irish Wolfhounds and O Club.

D1: Six clubs will play each other home and away for a ten-game season beginning January 10.
Hayward, Olympic Club, Reno, Sacramento Capitals, Sacramento Lions, San Mateo

D2: Eight teams divided into South and North. They play each team in their pool home and away and they play all the teams in the other pool, for a ten-game season beginning on January 24.
South: Arroyo Grande, BA Baracus, East Palo Alto, Fresno
North: Diablo Gaels, San Francisco Golden Gate, San Jose, Santa Rosa

D3: Thirteen teams play against nine of the other teams, beginning January 10.
Aptos, Berkeley, Chico, Fog, Humboldt, Marin, Mendocino, Mission, Petaluma, Shasta, Stanislaus, Vacaville, Vallejo

Women’s colleges:

D1: Six teams play each other once for a five-game season beginning January 24.
Chico State, Humboldt State, Nevada, Stanford, Univ. of California, UC Davis

D2: Five teams play each other once for a four-game season beginning January 24.
Santa Clara, St. Mary’s, Sacramento State, UC Santa Cruz, Univ. of San Francisco

Men’s colleges:

D1: Seven teams. Cal plays each team once (six games) while they all play each other twice (eleven games). Their season began December 5 and resumes January 10.
Chico State, Nevada, St. Mary’s, Sacramento State, Stanford, Univ. of California, UC Davis

D2: Eight teams play each other once for a seven-game season beginning January 10.
Cal Maritime, Diablo Gaels U23, Humboldt State, San Jose State, Santa Clara, Santa Rosa JC, UC Santa Cruz, Univ. of San Francisco

Note that San Francisco State and Sierra JC have been playing autumn games but are not in any of the league schedules.

High schools

There are small tournaments that we know of on January 10 and 17, with a number of other games before the end of the month.

The Sacramento Valley Kick-Off Tournament will be February 7-8. League play apparently does not begin until well after that.


There are two games this weekend that could probably use some assistant referees.

Phil Ulibarri will be refereeing Vallejo hosting McGeorge. This one is for sure. Also, rumors have San Mateo playing Santa Rosa– if we can confirm it, there will be a ref and he’ll need TJs as well.


Our out-going exchange program is active throughout the year, but the most of our incoming exchangees appear over the next three months.

If you are available to host, it would help us improve the experience of our visitors.

If you have been on exchange yourself, please don’t hesitate to feel obliged.

This works best if a number of prospective hosts put their names forward. Then we can pair up refs with billets based on geographic location. We also do as much as possible to make the assignments of host and guest mutually convenient.

Don’t worry: you’ll be asked whether you are available for a particular weekend before a commitment is made.

Now’s the time: resolve to let Bjorn Stumer know that you have some Pelican hospitality to spare:


DAVIS BLUE DEVILS 51 - Sierra Foothills 12 Referee: Ray Schwartz
Assistant Referee: Mark Godfrey
Penryn Park

The last day of autumn was a spectacular affair. Sunny, crisp and filled with spirited U19 rugby. With former Eagles Jay Hanson and Steve Gray leading their troops, Sierra Foothills hosted Davis in a preseason scrimmage. Just a few days, before at the SVHSRC Coaches meeting Steve had spoken up offering that he didn't know if his squad would be very good this year, but sure enough they came out with both guns blazing. Relentless pressure from a core of about 7 tough players led to numerous tries. Foothills needs to recruit some beef, they essentially had no props, and little match toughness, but everyone seemed to enjoy the run. 4 periods of about 20 minutes each gave the starters and all the subs plenty of time to test their growing skills.

Here Scrums the Bride
East Midlands referees Paul Dickens and Nicola Reynolds (both of whom have been to Pelicanland on exchange) got married on Tuesday 23rd December at Holy Trinity Church, Peterborough

Paul, a member of the RFU National Panel, married fellow East Midlands referee Nicola in front of family, friends and refereeing colleagues and they hope to spend their honeymoon in the Asia refereeing at an International 10's tournament.

Nicola who only took up the whistle 4 seasons ago has already refereed a Women's U19 International while husband Paul has refereed and touch-judged on the RFU National Panel for over 14 seasons.

Guest included: Top: David Rose, Andy Canning (eyes closed). Next row down: Ian Baggott, Darren Gamage. Lighter blue tie: Peter Johnson. Bottom stair: John Wearing, Mark Wilson, Murray Felstead, Doesn’t need a stair: Clive Leeke.
The Happy Couple: Nicola and Paul.


For the Senate
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