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The Pelican Society is making some of the presentations from our Society Meetings available as podcasts. Paul Bretz has the wizardry to make this happen.

This first installation includes talks by Bruce Carter about Dealing with Injuries and Paul talking about Advantage and Materiality.


You need iTunes to view these videos. This is a free download, and it happens to be the best music-management software you can get whether you have a portable music player or just want to use a computer as a jukebox. We can certify it as idiot-proof: the Fact-Checker uses Apple software and products without the slightest catastrophe.

We would like to think that referees in parts of the oval planet who do not belong to active teaching societies may benefit from these efforts.


You might save a few bob if you already have CIPP for 2007 by waiting until next month to renew for 2008. They are going to pro-rate the fee to the new fiscal year, which is August 1 to July 31.


So far we’ve heard from 23 referees as to their availability in January. That leaves about 50 who have not responded, less than a one-third strike rate from our end.

We’d like to do the January assignments in the next week or so. But it’s tough without responses: for example, we have 31 league games and two tournaments on January 26. Of the 23 refs who have responded, only 20 are available that day.

We have no way of knowing who is available without you responding to this e-mail. IF YOU DO NOT RESPOND YOU WILL NOT BE ASSIGNED ANY GAMES – IT IS THAT SIMPLE.

There are tournaments with Sunday games the weekends of Jan 19 and 26.

We also need to know whether you can travel to a game. ‘Travel’ means more than 60-90 minutes each way from your home. Don’t worry: if you say you can travel every weekend, you won’t get remote games every weekend, but you will allow much-appreciated flexibility in the scheduling.

Here’s the suggested format to reply:

Jan 5 Yes/No Travel?

Jan 12 Yes/No Travel?

Jan 19 Yes/No Travel? Sunday?

Jan 26 Yes/No Travel? Sunday?

Thank you!


There aren't any rugby games scheduled in NorCal the rest of the year. You'll have to spend time with loved ones, work for yourself, or do something for someone else in this holy season of giving.

Things could be worse: you could be intimately involved with a lesser sport.


Now is the time to register for 2008. You need to renew your CIPP through USA Rugby and pay your NCRRS dues.

When you pay CIPP on the USA Rugby website, list your ‘team’ as the Northern California Rugby Referee Society. Print out the liability waiver, sign it, and mail it with your $10 annual dues to:

Jim Crenshaw
Delta Supply
1248 E. Oak Avenue, #D
Woodland, CA 95776


Wednesday, December 12

Silicon Valley Alumni 12 – NEW SOUTH WALES COUNTRY U19 62
Referee: Pete Smith

Silicon Valley 0 – NEW SOUTH WALES COUNTRY U19 seconds – 51
Referee: James Hinkin

Silicon Valley ran out against NSW County B U19 side Wednesday night and put up a respectable fight in spite of the scoreline. The point total was more indicative of the finishing ability and support than the general run of play as NSW were generally forced to work for their points, but work they did and it paid off. NSW showed their superior teamwork in the 3rd minute when a penalty led to an attacking lineout 5m from the line. A throw to the front came back to the hooker who strolled unmolested in for the try. He then calmly slotted the conversion from the sideline – a fact he let every NSW kicker who missed know about throughout the evening. SV had several rookies playing who haven’t quite made the change from football yet so the armless tackles were in evidence and the rucks were entered from the side. The penalties kept coming and SV never had a chance to get off the back foot. The half ended with NSW up 24-0.

The second half started poorly for SV as yet another shoulder charge with no attempt at wrapping produced a yellow card. The man advantage was used well by NSW and three more tries were run in. SV seemed to finally get the message and the tackling was much better which produced and even spell in the game. Ten minutes from time, however, NSW broke free again and scored another two tries. The SV team was getting frustrated with the scoring and started infringing some more. NSW was getting frustrated with the infringements and were giving the referee opinions and interpretations of the law as applied to the match, resulting in some penalties for back chat. The game ended, however, with both sides tired but smiling as they shook hands and prepared for the A side match.

Saturday, December 15

FOG 29 – Shasta 18 Referee: Bryant Byrnes
A pretty winter day at TI. And Division 3 is getting better. The Fog, which has always had the numbers, is now fielding a stronger first fifteen. The Highlanders are finally getting the numbers, including some young legs.

The first half, particularly the first 20 minutes, were all Fog (post-match I heard a lot about the rust of the long drive from Redding.) But after that, a very nice and evenly played match broke out. After straightening out the offside line at rucks, mucho multi phase play. And the young wheels in the Redding backfield ripped off some sweet long runs.

I was sorry to miss the Fog drink up; always great fun. A must for our new refs.

SFGG DEV XV 5 – Berkeley 3 Referee: Steve Gray
Evaluator: Dixon Smith
Videographer: Bruce Carter
Thanks for all the help the Society is giving me, by the way. Being a ref is very difficult & I do appreciate all the help I can get. I do believe we learn more from our disasters then our victories & so I think I learned a great deal yesterday.

Seconds: SFGG DEV XV 22 – Berkeley 0 Referee: David Heath
Referee Coach: Sam Reagle
Videographer: Bruce Carter

Competitive game played in great spirit. SFGG had some great back play but Berkeley defended doggedly - good game.

Editor’s Note: Dave comes to us from Wales, sent to Pelicanland for five years courtesy of his employer, Chevron.

Dave had to get a hall pass from his wife since they have family in town from across the pond. They have already discovered what many of us found out years ago: if you move to Kansas loved ones will call and write; but if you move to the Bay Area they will come to visit.

SANTA ROSA JC 17 – Santa Rosa 15 Referee: Joe Leisek
For Pete's Sake Field, Santa Rosa
Touch Judges: Chris Bustamonte, Trevor Payne

In what was billed as the first ever match between these two clubs, the outcome surprised most of the spectators and perhaps most of the players as well. This was a nail-biter than wasn't decided until about 78:30 into the match.

It was a cool, cloudy day, perfect for rugby, on one of the best pitches in the Pacific Coast. The volunteers who built this field have now installed a long wooden bench along the entire length of the pitch. The game drew one of the largest crowds I have seen at FPS.

It would be easy to assume this was a match between a raw, youthful side and an experienced, older side. Yet the JC side featured a couple of older players, and the men's club has its share of youth. But nearly everyone on the field had lots of rugby experience.

Basically, it was a Redwood Empire Conference alumni game, with Elsie Allen High School players figuring prominently on both sides--including both captains, Balamcab Guitierrez (JC) and Ian Davis (men's club). Lobo coach Alan Petty watched from the sideline, as did former Elsie assistant Terry Brennan. One of the men's club's new coaches is Sean Peters, who also assisted Coach Petty at Elsie. Dennis Bruno, who coaches the Santa Rosa/Cardinal Newman team with Lynn Meister, was also present.

There were players from all of the North Bay high schools on the field, including Dominic Patrick, who played center for the Santa Rosa/Cardinal Newman team and has now shifted to front row for the JC.

(Both touch judges were Elsie grads who played for the JC and the men's club. Thanks to Chris and Trevor for their excellent help.)

The game itself was fast and hard-hitting, with the first 17 minutes featuring very few stoppages of any kind. The first half ended at 5-3 to the senior side, but each side missed scoring opportunities due primarily to hard defense.

With the start of the second half, it looked as though the men's club might start putting the game away. They scored a try very early in the half and seemed to be moving forward more often. But the JC kept right with them, retaining possession well and not allowing the men's club backline too many opportunities. Finally, with time running down, JC forward and Elsie grad Manny Lopez scored a try that was converted by fullback Will Cooper.

Santa Rosa had the kickoff, which was knocked on, ironically, by Lopez, but they kicked away possession at the whistle.

Congratulations to both teams for giving the spectators an exciting game. I hope it was as much fun to play as it was to referee.

Humboldt – Aptos Not sure if this game happened. They didn’t ask for a referee.


All NCRRS referees need to sign and submit the NCRFU Safety Protocol prior to the beginning of the season, in order to receive appointments.

Representatives of all of our teams agree to abide by its provisions by signing it, as do we.

The protocol may be found on our website:


This needs to be done each year by every referee.

The form can be signed electronically if you have the software to do this and forwarded via e-mail, or you will need to print and sign the last (third) page, then mail it to:

Bruce Carter
18474 Deertrack Place
Salinas, CA 93908

Thank you.

Rocca Field Flock
At Rocca Field: David Heath and Dixon Smith, the Chevron wing of the NCRRS, are accompanied by Sam Reagle, Steve Gray, Bryant Byrnes and Bruce Carter.


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