Tuesday, June 19, 2007




Forty-three have confirmed for dinner on Saturday evening in Port Costa. The restaurant is ours from 6 to 9 PM.

We will be joined by the instructors and several of the participants from the level three refereeing course which is being taught in San Francisco this weekend.

This is the thirtieth anniversary of the incorporation of the NCRRS. If you can think of something appropriate to do or to bring along, please do so! And DON’T FORGET YOUR PELICANS.


The tournament will return to its roots and be played at CUBBERLEY on Middlefield ALL FOUR WEEKENDS.

Click here: 4000 Middlefield Rd Palo Alto, CA 94303-4760 - Google Maps

Play is scheduled to begin at 9 AM, but we can attest that last year the first game kicked off ahead of time.

Be there early and bring your picnic items. We do not need a grill this weekend, because most of us will be heading up to Port Costa for the society banquet in the evening.

At present, we have only heard from four referees who plan to be there. Please let us know if you will attend.


The Fog Fest will be played at Treasure Island. It looks like they have about four teams’ worth of players, and we have enough referees signed up for this one.

Venue: Campbell Highland Games & Celtic Gathering, Campbell Community Center, Campbell

MARAUDERS 17 – Harlots 7 Referee: Sam Davis
A beautiful ride down on the Harley "RUGBYHG" to kick the Fathers day weekend off. The Scots were out in full force with Kilts aplenty.

The 10 am game was between the Harlots and Marauders and both teams had players that were making their once or twice a year appearance on the rugby field. A very clean and spirited game with the Marauders scoring first on a nice multiphase play that had the ball end up on the wing touching down in the corner. The conversion was wide the score 5-0 at the 10 min mark. The Harlot kicked off and kept the Marauders on their half for the next 5 min a clearing kick put the ball back in Harlot 22 good scrumming and Harlots retook possession and move the ball back to the half way mark losing the ball to a stalled maul. Marauders drove back into Harlots red zone lost the ball to a knock on scrum down inside the 22. Harlots tacked before they could clear the ball Tory Marauders scrum half heading for the loose ball is held by his shirt as he grubbers the ball into the try zone. I awarded a penalty try and the conversion was good 12-0 Harlots came back very quickly and after about 6 min scored a great try on poached ball from a tackle and driving in to touch it down. The half ended with Marauders 12, Harlots 7 The second half Harlots had a great run all the way in to the try zone and because of the confusing lines touch it down past the end line. Both teams continued to play hard hitting rugby the Marauders were able to score one more in the corner to have the end of the game be Marauders 17- Harlots 7

MONTEREY 29 – Harlots 5 Referee: Paul Berman
Weather: Bright, sunny & warm.
Comments: The pitch was fine. 60 minutes played of a 3-way round-robin competition

Hard fought game! Monterey peppered with Aptos players had a back line hot to trot.

Point spread: Monterey - 5 tries, 2 conversion goals; Stanislaus -1 try

MONTEREY 38 – Marauders 14 Referee: Sam Davis
The final was between the Marauders and Monterey it was 2:10 kick off and very hot. Hard hitting game with both teams not able to score for the first 20 min. Marauders scored first on a break off a ruck that went all the way to the wing and back in to score to the right of the uprights. The half ended Marauders 7 -Monterey 0 This game is a tale of two halves. Monterey came back and scored five un-answered trys at the 4,7,10, 13 & 17 min mark with hard hitting fast running multi phase play. Two of the trys were in the corners with missed conversions. Marauders came back at the 22 min mark and Tory drove the ball over off of a penalty kick and converted. Monterey came back at the 24 min mark and put the final score up on the board and converted with the final score Monterey 38 - Marauders 14

So, let’s try to figure out the Monterey team: strictly a ‘social’ side, not even entering D3, they beat the touring English side and now have won the Campbell Scottish Games for the second year in a row.

This begs a certain question: why not play every weekend during the season?

Halftime Pointers
During halftime of the Super League final June 9, Paul Bretz gets some advice from Josh Tameifuna while touch judge Chris Henshall double-checks the scoreline.


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