Tuesday, August 22, 2006




Report by Scott Wood:
Another fine afternoon in the high Sierra as the Sierra All Stars (nee PAXO Old Boys) faced off against the Nevada Old Boys (NOBS). This was one of the coolest days (94F) in the twelve-year history of the gathering in Quincy.

NOBS had more youth--average age would have been under 35 but Fred Forrester pulled the average well into Old Boy territory.

I looked forward to this match for the past month. Always an enjoyable and extraordinarily scenic journey shared by S.O. With kickoff scheduled for 4:30, we started right on time at 5.

Three chukkers of varying length were played (longer when Fred was in--at his request). Two items of note: First, I've never seen so much kicking in an Old Boys match, and Second, unlike previous years of relatively silent players, the chirping was at an all-time high (no names mentioned but at least one person should consider revisiting the Laws and discussing continuity and materiality with others in an objective manner).

Following the Old Boys chukkers, a cherry tree was planted at the entrance to the Feather River College Sports Complex in honor of Officer Rich May.

We returned to the pitch for two 10-minute halves of young boys and girls touch rugby. It is warming to see so many generations in one place enjoying the greatest game on Earth.

Many thanks to Frank and Clarice Merrill for opening the home for good times and food to be had by all. Remember, the older we get, the better we were.


Report by Paul Bretz:
This past weekend the national 7's was held in Ferndale Washington. The referees included Mitch Damm from Houston, Tim Luscombe from Colorado, Chris Henshall from Pennsylvania, myself, and Pat McNally.

The tournament marked an end to Pat's refereeing career, as he had previously announced this to the panel. Prior to Pat's final match the announcer told the crowd that this was his final match. Players and spectators gave Pat a standing ovation. I personally have never seen this before and it was a wonderful tribute to one of the USA's better referees. The previous night at a dinner hosted by the Chuckanut Bay Rugby Club the panel paid tribute to Pat by giving him a National Jersey signed by all of the panel referees.

The tournament itself was wonderfully run and well organized.

If you ever get a chance to travel to Ferndale to referee take the opportunity. The field itself is in great shape and is overlooked by Mt. Baker. The Pacific Northwest Referee Society provided touch judges and did a good job.

Bay Area teams Olympic club and Golden Gate were playing. In pool play Golden Gate went 1win and 2 losses but was able to move into the cup competition thanks to a point differential that favored SFGG. Olympic went 1 win, 1 tie, and 1 loss. O Club ended the day with a win over Lehigh Valley to enter the semi-finals of the plate competition.

On Day 2 Golden Gate got beat by eventual champions OMBAC and then eventual Cup champions Oxy Old Blue from Southern California. Gate won their last match of the day beating Daytona 29-12. O Club won the Plate, beating PAC 33-0 and then Coralville Reefers 32-19.


[NorCal referees are encouraged to attend the Union AGM out of interest.]

The 2006 Annual General Meeting of the NCRFU will be held 7.30 PM, Monday, August 21, at the San Francisco Golden Gate clubhouse on Treasure Island. Food will be provided for the first 40 people.

The agenda for the meeting is as follows:
1. Report by the President and Treasurer on the 2005/2006 year;
2. Election of officers for 2006/2007;
3. Review of the membership status of probationary member, West Sacramento; and
4. New business, including the admission of new member clubs.

After the conclusion of the AGM, the Men's Clubs will meet to discuss the structure of the Men's Club competition.

D1 clubs should be ready to discuss the PCRFU playoff structure and the possibility of Haggis playing as a guest in NCRFU (under all NCRFU protocols etc).

The nominated slate of officers for 2006/2007:
President: Giles Wilson
Vice President: Kirk Khasigian
Treasurer: Pete Dubois
Secretary: Katrinka Blunt
Scheduling Secretary: Steve Siefert

Nominations will be accepted from the floor as well.

With respect to new member clubs, admission to membership is by the vote of the member clubs at the AGM. A new club must be nominated and seconded by member clubs. Typically, prospective clubs are asked to explain (i) the reason for forming a new club, as opposed to joining existing clubs, (ii) its organization, finances and field situation, and (iii) why it thinks it can fulfill its obligations to the NCRFU.

I hope every club sends a representative to the AGM as it really is the way that clubs participate in the running of the NCRFU.

Proxies are acceptable. Proxies must be in writing and name the club giving the proxy, the name and position of the person signing the proxy on behalf of the proxy giving club and the person to whom the proxy is given. Writing means ink-signed originals, faxes or printed emails. The chair of the AGM will rule on any disputes regarding proxies. A form of proxy is attached (as a Word file) for use by clubs unable to attend the meeting in person

Thanks and I hope to see you all on 8/21.

Giles Wilson
President, NCRFU


A few referees may be needed to help out at the Santa Barbara Sevens on August 26. If you would be interested, please respond. We will be asked to send only a certain number; it will not be appropriate for you to simply show up (except for Aruna, who is a legacy at all Santa Barbara events!).


By losing to Canada on Saturday, the Eagles now enter a repechage round, playing Uruguay here and there.

The home match with the USA will be at Stanford on October 7.


Thanks to David Williamson for this tip:

This link has several pelicans joining in a Masters Swimming Competition in Alameda--photos 19, 20, and 21 of 31.


As I was going to St. Ives
I met a man with seven wives.
A lovely cottage by the shore
They dwelt within; all eight, no more.
No kits, no cats, no sacks, but still:
Some Pelicans upon the sill!


For the Senate
Pelicus Scriptoris